Kelly Osbourne Seizure A Mystery, Star Says After Collapse

Kelly Osbourne doing better after seizure

Kelly Osbourne’s seizure on the set of Fashion Police Thursday, and the latest updates from the Brit indicate that why her collapse and seizure suddenly happened is still under investigation.

Twenty-eight-year-old Osbourne’s seizure struck just before noon local time in Los Angeles as the star was shooting at the studio. Kelly was with Melissa Rivers, who was filling in for Giuliana Rancic, and the pair were sitting together on the set.

Osbourne’s seizure occurred shortly after she turned to Rivers and said “I don’t feel good,” before falling out of the chair. Kelly then had a 30-second long seizure, at which time an ambulance was called.

An earlier report on The Inquisitr indicated that Osbourne’s seizure prompted some very discreet care by EMS workers, indicating:

The 28-year-old star apparently suffered a seizure inside the E! network building in Los Angeles shortly before noon PST. An ambulance immediately rushed to the scene where Osbourne was taken away on a stretcher with a white sheet covering her whole body, even her face (in order to block her from the media.)

A source at the scene explained that “Kelly said she wasn’t feeling well, and then Melissa said, ‘Oh my God, she’s having a seizure!’ Melissa helped put her on the floor and then lay down next to her and talked her through it.”

After Osbourne’s seizure scare, the star took to Twitter to thank concerned fans for their support and update them on her condition.

As of last night, it seemed doctors had not pinpointed the cause of the scary incident, as she said:

It isn’t clear if Kelly Osbourne’s seizure required an overnight stay.