Meghan McCain & Pamela Anderson Clash Over Julian Assange On ‘The View’

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Meghan McCain once again got passionate about her political views during an episode of The View, though on Thursday she wasn’t auguring with her usual adversaries, the other regular co-hosts of The View, but instead with actress Pamela Anderson who was a guest on the popular ABC roundtable show.

The women clashed over Julian Assange, who the former Baywatch actress has often expressed her support for, per The Daily Beast. The 52-year-old actress instigated the heated exchange with McCain when she mentioned that Assange’s health had been “deteriorating” since he was forcibly removed from an Ecuadorian embassy and arrested on charges of conspiracy, per The Daily Beast.

McCain mentioned rumors that Assange was kicked out of the embassy, where he lived for six years, because he was had been rumored to be “defecting everywhere,” though Anderson was quick to retort that the accusation was part of a “smear campaign” against the hacker and was not true.

Following the back-and-forth between the two women, which involved McCain seemingly scolding an audience member who cheered after Anderson asked how many people have died as a result of U.S. foreign policy, McCain reiterated that she believed Assange was a “cyberterrorist” and should be viewed as such.

As The Daily Beast noted, after the tense exchange, co-host Abby Huntsman announced that the show was going to have “fun” with Anderson following a commercial break, though McCain grumbled and sat at the end of the table while she crossed her arms.

Friday marked the end of the first week for the latest season of The View. As The Inquisitr previously reported, McCain clashed with her colleagues on Monday when the ladies on the panel discussed recent mass shootings and calls for stricter gun control legislation. McCain told her The View co-hosts that she would never vote for a “gun-grabber” candidate and insisted that there would be violence if lawmakers attempted to implement a ban on the AR-15 assault weapon, which has been used in many mass-casualty shootings.

That wasn’t the only time things got heated for McCain during the first week of season 23 of The View. Per another report from The Inquisitr, McCain and her other view colleagues disagreed with Will & Grace actor Eric McCormack following a tweet he sent earlier in the week that said he wanted to see a list of supporters of Donald Trump to determine people that he didn’t want to work with. The daughter of late Sen. John McCain took to Twitter to further disagree with McCormack.