September 6, 2019
Billie Eilish Finally Happy After Years Of Struggling With Depression

Billie Eilish is Elle Magazine's latest cover girl for their American issue and has opened up about being finally happy after years of struggling with depression.

In the interview with the publication, the "You Should See Me in a Crown" songstress revealed she is on the right track with her mental health and that she's less depressed.

"Two years ago, I felt like nothing mattered; every single thing was pointless. Not just in my life, but everything in the whole world. I was fully clinically depressed. It's insane to look back and not be [depressed] anymore," she expressed.

"I was a 16-year-old girl who was really unstable. I'm in the happiest place of my life, and I didn't think that I would even make it to this age!"
"It's not because I'm famous. It's not because I have a little more money. It's so many different things: growing up, people coming into your life, certain people leaving your life," the "Ocean Eyes" hit-maker continued.

Billie mentioned that quitting Twitter was a life-saver. Her account has a whopping 2.6 million followers, however, all the tweets are made by her team and not the star herself. She stated that there aren't many things she can stop, but deleting Twitter is one of them. The "When the Party's Over" chart-topper's reason for deleting the app was that she has too much love for herself, and she doesn't need to read about everyone else's opinions.

For her cover shot, Eilish looks fierce with long green nails and her dyed green hair. She is completely covered by a gray puffer jacket which doesn't show any aspects of her body. She stared directly into the camera lens with a strong expression with her hands raised.

Within 19 hours, her Instagram post announcing she is the magazine's cover girl for their October issue racked up over 6 million likes, proving to be popular with her followers.

Despite not being active on Twitter, Billie still uses her Instagram account, which boasts over 37.1 million followers. She updates her page regularly and continues to grow a big audience on the platform.

In March, she released her long-awaited debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The record topped the charts in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and many more countries. She became the first person born this millennium to have a No. 1 album, per The Inquisitr.

Prior to her album, she dropped her debut EP, Don't Smile at Me, which racked up over 1.2 billion streams worldwide, according to Billboard.

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