Harry Styles Finally Reveals Why He Turned Down Prince Eric Role In ‘The Little Mermaid’

Harry Styles likely broke thousands of hearts when the news broke that he would not be playing Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid. But in a new interview with The Face, he reveals the reason why he made that decision. Turns out it has everything to do with his music career.

“It was discussed,” he said. “I want to put music out and focus on that for a while. But everyone involved in it was amazing, so I think it’s going to be great. I’ll enjoy watching it, I’m sure.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, rumors of Harry Styles being cast on Prince Eric caused his name to trend on Twitter for several hours when the speculation surfaced. But when the truth came out and he confirmed that he wouldn’t be involved in the project, many fans expressed immense disappointment.

The movie has already been surrounded by controversy because Halle Bailey, an African-American singer/actress will be playing Ariel, the lead character. Some claimed to see the casting decision as cultural appropriation because the original Disney movie is based on a fairytale by classic Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Halle has since voiced her opinion about the controversy.

“I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m just grateful and I don’t pay attention to the negativity,” she said in an interview with Variety. “I just feel like this role was something bigger than me and greater, and it’s going to be beautiful. I’m just so excited to be a part of it.”

As for Harry, he said that he enjoys acting, so his fans will likely see him in movies in the future.

“Why do I want to act? It’s so different to music for me,” he continued. “They’re almost opposite for me. Music, you try and put so much of yourself into it; acting, you’re trying to totally disappear in whoever you’re being.”


There’s’ still no word from Disney on who will be playing Prince Eric. But there has been more news about the actors who have auditioned.

As Cinema Blend reports, 13 Reasons Why actor Christian Navarro has said that he auditioned for the role. His fans have been campaigning for him to get the role, and on Twitter, he said that Disney reached out because of it. Besides his fanbase and acting, Christian has another skill that could help him get the role. He can sing and there are videos on YouTube to prove it.

But there are likely lots of other actors who have auditions, so everyone will just have to wait and see what Disney decides.

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