Kylie Jenner Eats Donuts In Her PJs On Instagram

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Kylie Jenner is taking a sick day, and it appears she’s also having a cheat day on her diet. Daily Mail reports that the makeup mogul posted a series of videos to her Instagram story this week to reveal that she was at home sick and indulging in some sweet treats.

In the videos, Kylie is seen sporting a set of plain gray pajamas that boasted a low cut and gave fans a peek at Jenner’s chest underneath. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared her love for the glazed donuts as she films herself picking one up out of the half-empty box and taking a bite.

Kylie had her long, dark hair parted down the middle and styled in a loose bun behind her head. She kept a few strands out to frame her face as she showcased her long nails in the videos.

Jenner also rocked a full face of makeup in the clips, sporting darkened eyebrows, long, thick lashes, and a bronzed glow. She added pink blush on her cheeks and matching eye shadow, a shimmering glow, and a nude lip to complete her glam look as she admitted that she ate two of the donuts from the box.

According to Women’s Health, Kylie may not have as strict of a workout routine as her sisters Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian. However, she does hit the gym to keep her figure flawless.

“Kylie has never been a fan of working out in the past, but has recently started a new routine and has been trying to be very consistent,” a source told E! News.

Another source tells the outlet that Jenner likes to exercise with her sisters, who give her that extra push that she sometimes needs to get through her workouts.

“She loves working out with her sisters and they motivate her a lot,” the source says.

“We work out for an hour. It’s hard, but it makes me feel good. Kourtney likes to blast music,” Kylie previously told Harper’s Bazaar of the sweat sessions.

Other ways that Jenner keeps her health in focus is by rocking her own line of Adidas workout shoes, and getting some exercise with her daughter Stormi. She also stays active when she heads out on vacation by doing things such as paddle boarding or skiing to keep fit.

Fans can see more of Kylie Jenner’s toned figure by following the reality star on Instagram.