Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes Spotted Kissing During Romantic Stroll In Toronto

Manny CarabelGetty Images

They may not have publicly confirmed their romance yet, but at this point, it is pretty obvious that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have something rather serious going on.

The two stars were spotted snuggling up to each other and passionately kissing during a romantic stroll in the Canadian hunk’s hometown of Toronto, and they were definitely not trying to hide their love for each other from the paparazzi. According to The Daily Mail, the two lovebirds were pictured walking hand in hand while enjoying the end of summer in the Canadian city. They appeared to be in super high spirits as they laughed together and locked arms, often stopping to put on some serious public display of affection.

They both seemed to just be enjoying their well-deserved time off, which comes shortly after their steamy duet performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last week. At one point, they stopped in their tracks and shared a very passionate smooch, not caring about whoever was around. Shawn even carried Camila’s black backpack as an act of chivalry, clearly glad he was able to show her his beloved hometown.

The 21-year-old singer and his “Señorita” collaborator looked stylishly casual during their walk, with Camila rocking a plain white T-shirt, some skinny jeans, and comfortable white sneakers. The 22-year-old completed the look with a thin black jacket, as well as a pair of large hoop earrings. She appeared to be donning very little makeup, and her signature long raven locks cascaded effortlessly down her back in beautiful curls.

Shawn also sported a casual outfit, including a pair of black skinny jeans, a dark gray Champion hoodie, and some gray-and-white sneakers. He wore a golden watch around his left wrist, and his brunette curls were charmingly disheveled. According to Hollywood Life, the couple even spoke to some fans during their stroll.

“I walked past them near a park. They were holding hands and just looked so adorable and like they just wanted to be with each other. I just kind of panicked and said ‘Hi Shawn, hi Camila’ and she just said a sweet hi back,” one source told the publication.

“They looked really happy they both were smiling holding hands under the umbrella it was really cute. They looked very content,” another eyewitness added.

The duo first sparked romance rumors when they released their hit tune earlier in the summer, with fans claiming that the chemistry they shared in the music video could not be faked. Since then, they have been spotted together multiple times looking extremely loved-up.