‘The Conners’ Producer Confirms Becky Will Struggle As Her Baby Is Born Prematurely

The ABC spinoff will return with another serious storyline one year after the death of Roseanne.

The Conners star Lecy Goranson
Eric McCandless / ABC

The ABC spinoff will return with another serious storyline one year after the death of Roseanne.

The Conners may have another family crisis on their hands. When the Roseanne spinoff returns this month for its Season 2 premiere, a pregnant Becky Conner (Lecy Goranson) will give birth— but it will happen way before her due date.

One year after matriarch Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) was killed off the series via an opioid overdose, the long-suffering Conner clan may be facing the potential medical problems of its littlest family member. Showrunner Bruce Helford confirmed to TV Line that Becky Conner’s baby will be born prematurely and that the early birth will hit her hard as she blames her hard-partying lifestyle for her baby’s complications.

“The baby is going to be born prematurely. Becky is already worried about her capabilities as a mom, and the [premature birth] triggers all kinds of guilt because she was drinking when she first got pregnant — when she didn’t know she was pregnant.”

Helford also confirmed that while Becky may have the support of her family, the father of her child, Emilio, won’t be in the picture after getting caught up in an ICE raid and deported at the end of last season.

“He’s still in Mexico,” The Conners showrunner told TV Line. “So Becky doesn’t have that support.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, ABC released a new promo for the Season 2 premiere episode, titled “Preemies, Weed and Infidelity,” which hinted that things don’t go smoothly for Becky in the delivery room. The clip (seen below) shows a screaming Becky giving birth as Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) attempt to coach her. Later in the promo, Jackie and DJ (Michael Fishman) gaze at their newborn family member in the hospital’s nursery, where Jackie quips, “Another Conner in the world. What we don’t have in quality, we make up in volume.”

Fans have had a mixed reaction to the Becky pregnancy storyline on The Conners. The character acted out after the death of her husband Mark (the late Glenn Quinn) by drinking heavily and sleeping around. Now in her 40s, Becky accidentally became pregnant after a one-night stand with a co-worker.

When the pregnancy storyline first aired on The Conners, Goranson told Entertainment Tonight she struggled with the miracle pregnancy arc as she thought of the many women who struggle with infertility.


“I did definitely take that into account, but I also think that life happens and it’s an opportunity for Becky to be honest with herself,” Goranson said of her troubled character.

You can see The Conners premiere promo below.

The Conners Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 24, at 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CDT on ABC.