‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5 Episode 3: Noah’s Interrogation Is One-Sided

The Affair continues to offer intrigue and dangerous situations for nearly all the Showtime show’s recurring characters. For the coming week, Noah will certainly be at the top of that list when he sits down with a reporter in his classroom to talk about his latest novel.

New spoilers in a fresh trailer offer a glimpse into that discussion in which the reporter starts with rather innocuous questions only to become much more aggressive as she digs deep with her questions about Noah’s life now, but even more so, in the past.

His journalistic interrogator mentions his old book, Descent, which is being made into a movie. She tells the author that she wasn’t enamored, then quickly adds, “But clearly it didn’t suffer from lack of fans.”

After that entree into goading her subject, the reporter pushes forward with a compliment. She talks about his second book, The Autobiography of Jack Hunter, giving an awkwardly positive verbal review.

“It really moved me. It is much more vulnerable, a mature piece of writing.”

Noah kind of shrugs off the compliment with a half-hearted compliment. Then he mentioned that the book was written in prison “just to keep myself [sic] from going insane.”

That was the reporter’s cue to revert back to being almost vicious.

“You were in prison for killing your brother-in-law?”

Hesitantly, he corrected her to let her know it was Alison’s brother-in-law who was killed. After that, he tried to deflect the conversation without any luck.

The journalist forged back into Noah’s history to try and catch him in a compromising position. Or, so it seemed that was what she was doing. Then she talked about all the ways in which his life came crashing down a decade before their current discussion. She moved forward with how he left his wife, married his mistress and, eventually, became famous, during which time he “drank a little of [his] own Koolaid.”


She didn’t seem to take a breath as she laid out his past as she saw fit. She rattled on about how he became “increasingly arrogant, self-absorbed, reckless…”

She ultimately got to the part in which he “fled the scene of the crime,” at which point she interrupted herself to say, “I’m going somewhere with this.”

Noah was fast becoming annoyed and even angry with the woman’s questioning, and that’s putting it mildly. But she persevered, saying he suffered “an enormous fall from grace.”

This investigative reporter said all this to Noah to let him know he had come full-circle with his move to Los Angeles and with his movie being made. Did the reporter take the words right out of Noah’s mouth? Perhaps that is not what he intended to say — not at all.

Then she dropped her biggest demand.

“So would you say that the redemption of Noah Solloway is complete?”

Whether or not that question was rhetorical will likely be answered by watching The Affair, Season 5, Episode 3 on Sunday. The hour-long drama airs on Showtime starting at 9 p.m.