Derek Peth Tells Fans To ‘Be Kind’ To Tayshia Adams Amid His Sudden Departure From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Bachelor in Paradise’s biggest love triangle has finally been squared away. On Monday’s episode of the ABC dating show, Derek Peth decided to remove himself from the drama with John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams. The move came one week after fans saw Derek and JPJ face off at Chris Randone and Krystal Neilson’s wedding in an embarrassing display as guests looked on.

In the new episode, John Paul Jones decided to confront Derek again to inform him he’s not the “right guy for Tayshia.”

The interaction set Tayshia off as she watched the two men argue about her across the beach. The Bachelor in Paradise beauty later admitted she was “torn” between the two men and was considering breaking things off with both of them.

Derek, however, got the brunt of her decision. Tayshia later pulled Derek aside and admitted she didn’t know if she “can get there” with him. Tayshia explained that it was nothing he did and that it was just “not the right timing,” according to People.

A blindsided Derek later decided there no one else interested him in Paradise besides Tayshia (of course, it should be noted that the first girl he hooked up with, Demi Burnett, dumped him for her hometown girlfriend), so he made the decision to eliminate himself from the show before the rose ceremony. The podcast host explained to his shocked castmates that he has only been able to build “friendships” on the show and nothing more.

But Derek, who was previously engaged to Taylor Nolan on season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, also broke down on camera before leaving the Mexican resort where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed.

“I just want to find somebody. Like, how many years do I have to wait for that to happen?”

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Deciding to return to BIP was not easy. When I was first asked, I didn’t think I was ready to face my many anxieties, especially pain from memories of a relationship I thought was going to last forever. I also had my job to consider. How will my clients perceive my continued connection to a reality show? Friends warned against the possibility that I might be edited with some new personality just for a viewer twist. All that said, I’ve been struggling to find someone to romantically connect with who appreciated me for just me and didn’t make so much of my experiences (whether good or bad judgement) in reality tv. As you can see...the opportunity for openness won out over the fear. I changed that worry into excitement at the chance to be around a group of amazing women who I could potentially find a real match with as well as that chance at more lifelong friendships. The beauty of paradise is that we’re all in the same weird boat together. Nobody cares if you were once on a show because they were too. Catch y’all tomorrow on the beach!!! ????

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Of course, it wouldn’t be Bachelor in Paradise without some serious second-guessing. Tayshia later mused that maybe she and Derek could have “hit it off.”

After the episode aired, Derek took to Twitter to thank fans for their support. He also assured everyone that he’ll “find her” someday.

Derek also tweeted a message to those who are giving Tayshia backlash on social media. The Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite said he is grateful for his relationship with Tayshia nearly three months after they filmed the scenes for the ABC dating show in Mexico.

“Hey all, please be kind to Tayshia. She spoke her truth to me and I can never ask any more than that from anyone. We just weren’t a match in the end. I very much appreciate that we have a friendship.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.