Courteney Cox Wears ‘Friends’ Cast T-Shirt But Monica Doesn’t Make The Cut In Hilarious Instagram Selfie

Robert MoraGetty Images

Courteney Cox is one sad friend.

The star of NBC’s long-running 1990s sitcom about six New York City pals posed for an Instagram pic as she wore a throwback T-shirt from Friends’ heyday. The black shirt is emblazoned with the faces of a very youthful David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and Cox. Several of the six stars have coffee cups in front of them, presumably from the show’s coffee shop hangout, Central Perk.

The only problem is, the face of Cox’s character, Monica Geller, is nearly cut in half to make way for a V-neck.

While she is making a sad face in the snap, the 55-year-old Friends star poked fun at the fashion mishap as she joked that some people will do anything for a V-tee. The Friends star’s followers also made light of the look, commenting on the post with quips about not “making the cut” and how this “cuts like a knife.”

Cox’s new photo comes as Friends nostalgia is in high gear. The beloved NBC sitcom will celebrate its 25th anniversary later this month, so it’s no surprise that the star of the show is pulling out on old tee to commemorate the show’s silver anniversary.

You can see Courteney Cox’s hilarious Instagram photo below.

Friends fans hoping to emulate Cox’s look probably won’t have to look far as Friends fever abounds ahead of the 25th anniversary. While the exact shirt the sitcom star is wearing in her Instagram photo may not be available, retailers such as Kohl’s and Urban Outfitters are currently peddling Friends-themed shirts.

In addition, House Beautiful recently teased that a new line at Target leaked by the popular Instagram account @targetdoesitagain will include such items as a “Pivot” couch hoodie, a gray “You’re My Lobster” tee, and black sweatpants emblazoned with the names of the Friends characters — with Monica making the cut this time.

Ahead of the show’s 25th anniversary, Courteney Cox remains especially nostalgic about her time working on Friends. Last month, Entertainment Tonight pointed to the star’s many social media nods to the show that made her a household name. In August, Cox posted a video on Instagram in which she delivered her character’s signature line — “I know!”— as only she could.

Earlier this year, Cox also took to Instagram after recreating the famous couch scene which featured Ross (Schwimmer) repeatedly yelling “Pivot!” at Chandler (Perry) and Rachel (Aniston) as they helped him carry a couch up a flight of stairs.

Friends turns 25 on September 22.