September 2, 2019
Gwen Stefani Rocks Acid-Wash Daisy Dukes In Wild Pillow Fight With Blake Shelton & 'The Voice' Co-Stars

Gwen Stefani is back in Daisy Dukes. The 49-year-old has appeared in a fresh promotional video for her upcoming appearance on The Voice – with boyfriend Blake Shelton as her co-star, this season of the reality series is set to be particularly exciting for fans. Gwen took to Instagram on Monday for a reminder that the show will soon be airing. Of course, the video featured the entire judging panel, as Kelly Clarkson and John Legend were seen alongside Gwen and Blake.

The video seemed to show this cast set having the time of their lives. The foursome had been filmed indoors and in a living area, although they weren't chilling back with popcorn. The full-on vibe kicked off with a bang as Gwen and her co-stars engaged in a wild pillow fight, with plenty of bashing and floating feathers adding extra effect.

Gwen was looking sensational. The blonde outfitted herself in a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes in acid-wash denims. A dark green and camouflage jacket delivered the star's signature grunge edge. Of course, Gwen's other trademarks also appeared alive and well. The former No Doubt singer was rocking her well-known peroxide blonde locks, with a ponytail finish keeping things light.

Gwen didn't, however, steal the spotlight from her co-stars. Blake was looking dapper in a red plaid shirt, with Kelly in pajamas and John in jeans and a patterned shirt.

This video definitely racked up the views: over 24,000 had been clocked within just 30 minutes of the update going live. The same time frame brought over 102 fans into the post's comments section.

Gwen seems especially pumped for this season of The Voice. As ET Online reports, the singer gushed about the whole affair in a video clip.

"I'm so happy to be back. My life changed so much on the show. And then to be with my best friend, Blakey, and to be here with Kelly and John, I feel pretty lucky to be here right now," she said.

Kelly has also voiced excitement – it looks like the 37-year-old is a total groupie when it comes to Gwen.

"I'm excited to work with Gwen. I literally grew up, like, in my room singing to her. So, I'm, like, a super fan. Like, a real fan. Like, crazy," she said.

For fans of Gwen and Blake, though, seeing the couple feature side-by-side is likely the most exciting factor. This much-loved duo may showcase their love on social media, but seeing it on a reality television will make for a different story.