WWE News: Current Champion Didn’t Believe Bray Wyatt’s ‘Fiend’ Gimmick Was Going To Work

For a long time, Bray Wyatt was nowhere to be seen in WWE as he was dealing with some injuries and having his gimmick repackaged. Before returning to the ring, vignettes began airing for the “Firefly Funhouse.” which showed Wyatt in a strange new character that was unlike anything anyone had seen. Many people had their doubts about “The Fiend” at first, though, and that includes a former family member of Wyatt’s.

Braun Strowman is currently one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions along with Seth Rollins and he’s also chasing the WWE Universal Championship. When he first started out on the main roster, though, he debuted as a member of The Wyatt Family and worked as their “monster” for quite some time.

After The Wyatt Family split up, almost all of them went on their own separate ways. Strowman has had great success and become a huge part of the Monday Night Raw roster.

With Clash of Champions and two title matches around the corner for Strowman, he has still been keeping track of his former on-camera family member. Strowman spoke with the Notsam Wrestling Podcast and he admits that he was overly skeptical of Wyatt’s new gimmick when it first came about.

Braun Strowman yells to the WWE Universe.

Strowman admitted that he is great friends with Bray Wyatt in and out of the professional wrestling world, and he’s happy to have him back on television. It’s just kind of odd to him that Wyatt’s character was able to turn even stranger with the gimmick of “The Fiend.”

The “Monster Among Men” admits that his friend went back into his bag of ideas and started from total scratch.

“We went for a while without even talking because he went so deep into this character; he shut himself out from the world. I remember watching the very first episode of the Firefly Funhouse and was thinking, ‘What the hell is this? Bray, what are you doing?’ But the more I watched…I couldn’t turn away from it. It was so intriguing what he was doing, and then they brought ‘The Fiend’ out and I was like, ‘Alright, it’s unbelievable.'”

“The Fiend” has only had one official match since Bray Wyatt returned to WWE television and it was a victory over Finn Balor at SummerSlam. Braun Strowman knows what his friend is capable of doing and believes that big things are ahead for him, but there were huge doubts when the new gimmick debuted. As of now, those doubts have all been erased.

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