September 1, 2019
'Big Brother' 21: Jessica Milagros Has Hilarious Over-The-Top Fall During HOH Competition

It seems like every year on Big Brother, a houseguest has an issue with heights which inevitably comes out during one of the competitions. That houseguest this season is Jessica Milagros, and her latest performance in the Week 10 Head of Household (HOH) competition has viewers all across Twitter laughing their you-know-whats off.

The HOH competition has yet to play out on a broadcast show, but those viewers who tuned into the live feeds late Thursday night know just what went down. The moment was so funny that fans began sharing it across Twitter, and some are calling it the best fall in Big Brother history.

The Week 10 HOH was a classic endurance competition where the houseguests stand high up on a tilted wall with only the tiniest platform to balance their feet on. They must hold onto wooden planks behind them, and whoever holds on the longest is the new HOH. Jessica was the first out, and with how scared she was about falling, it's surprising she didn't take home the victory since she was holding on for dear life. It looked like a fear of heights wasn't even the issue, as Jessica kept explaining she was afraid to get hurt by falling, and her fear ended up making her fall more painful than it should have been.

In the clip, Jessica can be seen squeezing her eyes tight and grabbing her face as she fell while screaming. The fall is only a couple of feet onto a very plush and padded ground, but it must have felt like quite the plummet to Jessica. She was also so terrified that she didn't remove her hands from her face to break her fall, making her landing more uncomfortable than it could have been.

Many are comparing the funny fall to Tamar Braxton's on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. Tamar was mortified to fall off of the wall and somehow finagled herself to hang off by her hands as she screamed in horror.

The HOH competition will play out on tonight's episode where there should be some fun commentary from the houseguests in their diary room sessions. Jackson was standing next to Jessica on the wall and can be seen smirking as his roommate plummeted. The plus-size model even laid on the ground for quite some time before getting up to join Holly Allen on the sidelines.

Parody videos have already been made of the now-famous drop, with one Twitter user playing the moment to Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence."

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.