September 1, 2019
Jamie Foxx Spotted With Rumored Flame Sela Vave After Report Katie Holmes Is Livid About Their Relationship

Jamie Foxx and rumored girlfriend Sela Vave were spotted out and about in Hollywood this weekend, just days after a report that Jamie's ex Katie Holmes is livid with their very public relationship.

Jamie and Sela made headlines when they were spotted out at a nightclub together in Hollywood last month. Though Jamie and longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes had reportedly split up by the time Jamie and the 21-year-old singer made their first public outing, their breakup was still under wraps and would not be revealed until after the actor and singer were spotted together.

Jamie and Sela have been seen together again since then, including this weekend when they were spotted hanging out with one another at a chili cook-off in Malibu. As Radar Online reported, Jamie was at the cook-off with Sela and a group that included the actors's 10-year-old daughter, Annalise Bishop.

Katie is reportedly not very happy about the quick and very public rebound for her ex. As Radar Online reported earlier this week, the actress was upset that Jamie seemed to go against an agreement they had to remain low-key after the split. Katie and Jamie had been intensely private about their relationship over the last several years, rarely appearing together in public.

Jamie seems to have a very different approach with his new rumored girlfriend, and a source told the celebrity gossip outlet that Katie isn't happy about it.

"They had an agreement to play fair and not embarrass the other by stepping out with anyone else in public – but Jamie's done exactly that and she's livid," a source told the outlet. "They had an open arrangement provided he never rubbed her face in it, which of course he's done over and over again."

Jamie has put off rumors that he and Sela are dating. As People magazine reported, Sela became the target of some online anger, as many blamed her for Jamie and Katie's split. This led to Jamie speaking out in an Instagram Live video, saying that he has only been helping Sela launch her singing career, just as he's done for a number of other now-famous people.

"When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn't know him from Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks — he ended up going on to do great things," Jamie said. "Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he would sleep in my old house. Before Ne-Yo was Ne-Yo, he would come to the crib. Everybody comes to my crib, no matter who you are.