Justin Bieber Finds Out He’s Related To Avril Lavigne And Ryan Gosling But Fans Are Not Surprised

Justin Bieber has just found out that he is related to some pretty famous Canadians, and he is freaking out.

The singer took to Instagram to reveal that he has some big celebrities in his family tree — Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne! Posting a picture of his detailed family tree and his relationship to the actor and the pop star, Justin revealed that the former is his 11th cousin removed, while the latter is his 12th cousin removed.

According to Hollywood Life, both Ryan and Avril are related to the “Sorry” artist through his mother Pattie Mallette’s side, as they all share Mathurn Roy and Marguerite Biré as their 11th great grandparents. All three Hollywood celebs also come from the same province in Canada, which is Ontario. Justin is from Stratford, which is near Toronto, Ryan was born in London, while Avril hails from Belleville.

In fact, the 25-year-old was so excited to learn the news that he dubbed it “the best day of my life” — which sounds a little weird considering he has already achieved so many goals at such a young age, including marrying his best friend and model, Hailey Baldwin (perhaps the day of their upcoming South Carolina wedding ceremony in September will topple this new finding).

Justin found out about his famous cousins on Ancestry, which holds “the world’s largest collection” of family tree records online. However, this new discovery wasn’t really news to everyone: many of the star’s followers quickly took to the comment section of his Instagram page to let him know that this information has been in the public record for years, with his fan base knowing about it all along.

“Justin we have known since 2011,” one fan page commented under his post, while someone else chimed in, “that awkward moment when I knew before you…” and another person wondered, “why did the general public know this before you did, my guy?”

One online user even mocked JB for calling the website “legit,” writing, “I’m related to Martin Luther King Jr & the dog from Air Bud. It’s seems super legit its on ancestry.com.”

Justin manager’s Scooter Braun also took a playful jab at him, commenting, “I always saw a strong resemblance” followed by a laughing emoji.

Still, it seems like the singer is very excited to learn that his fellow Canadians are part of his family tree, as he is a big fan of both. He just recently posted a picture of Ryan on his Instagram page, requesting a new movie from “the legend.”

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