August 31, 2019
A Man Is Trying To Visit Every Starbucks In The World And Has Already Spent $150,000 Doing So

The popular coffee chain Starbucks has been widely successful for years now, known for their wide menu and creative drinks. There are more than 30,000 Starbucks coffee shops in the world, in the United States, Canada, France, Japan, and Peru, just to name a few locations where coffee lovers can pick up a hot cup of Starbucks' infamous brew. One 47-year-old man from Houston, Texas has a unique life mission in which he has planned to visit every Starbucks in the world before he dies, according to Today.

This man was born Rafael Antonio Lozano Jr. but legally changed his name to Winter. In 1997, Winter made the decision to take on the daunting task of getting a cup of coffee from every Starbucks in the world. He has made some good progress and thus far, he has already visited 15,000 different Starbucks shops in different locations all around the world. His 15,000th stop was at a Starbucks in Lima, Peru. This particular location is special because it was the very first of its kind in South America.

But Winter's favorite Starbucks so far is the Dazaifu Tenmangu Sando location in Fukuoka, Japan. He appreciated the grand architecture at this particular coffee joint.

"The architecture is amazing. The wooden beams go all the way back. It is singularly unique," he said.

Everyone knows that Starbucks isn't cheap, especially if you're stopping by multiple times a day. Thus, many might wonder how Winter can afford to drink so much of the pricey coffee. Winter is a freelance computer engineer who isn't bound to any particular space or location. It also helps that he has made the decision to live out of his car to save money.

"It's been instrumental in allowing me to afford Starbucking to the extent I've pursued it over the past year," Winter said of the decision.

Indeed, Winter has dropped a hefty sum on this endeavor, which he calls "Starbucking," so far. He has spent around $150,000 thus far on this unconventional hobby. He also documents his journey online through a blog. There's also a documentary about his travels which can be purchased and watched online through Amazon.

When Winter goes to a Starbucks, he doesn't pick up anything fancy. He likes the simple, drip coffee Verona blend. In fact, he's had as much as 29 cups of coffee in one day.

"This is a lifetime project for me. I hope to be doing it into my 70s," Winter said of his endeavor.