Kim Kardashian Told She's Gone Too Far By Using Formerly-Incarcerated Alice Marie Johnson For Shapewear Promo

Curves and glam may be Kim Kardashian's trademarks, but the business brain is right up there with them. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appears to have involved the formerly-incarcerated woman she helped set free to help promote her new SKIMS shapewear line – as The Inquisitr recently reported, Alice Marie Johnson appeared in a video promoting the merch over on YouTube just a few days ago.

That same video was posted to Kim's Instagram as the weekend kicked off. With Alice Marie appearing to front the brand alongside dubbing Kim her "war angel," this unusual promo has gotten fans talking. It looks like Instagram thinks that Kim has taken her association with the former inmate a little too far.

"Okay it's kinda corny to compare her freedom from unjust incarceration to buying your shape-wear '25 to life, you'll feel just as free' - haters will say I'm hating," was a comment racking up over 920 likes.

"This is the fakest thing I've ever watched," a fan wrote with over 530 users agreeing.

"You brought her out to use her? Shame!" also received many upvotes.

"Oh okay get a woman out of prison then use her to sell your product I love ya Kim but that's not cool," was another comment.

Then again, it appeared that some users found the whole thing to be in good taste. A popular comment backed the KKW Beauty founder's decision to feature Johnson, stating that the 64-year-old herself was benefiting from the whole thing.

For the most part, though, it did seem that fans were somewhat taken aback.

"That was really necessary?" a fan asked.

When it comes to using well-known faces to promote their brands – and going down the unusual route – the Kardashian-Jenners seem to fly the flag. Kim herself has used grandmother Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell to promote her best-selling beauty line: a video of MJ applying KKW Beauty products to her aged and veined hands was shared to Instagram earlier this year. Likewise opting down the famous face route (with some fans not too keen) has been Kim's younger sister, Kylie Jenner: the 22-year-old featured 1-year-old daughter Stormi in a promo for her 2019-founded Kylie Skin brand.Kim's video may have generated backlash, but it did launch a wave of love for Alice Marie. The woman whose life seemed to be over by virtue of her life sentence is now a free woman, with many fans genuinely appearing to feel that Kim's involvement in setting Alice Marie free was groundbreaking.

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