AEW News: Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will 'Steal' Former World Champion If WWE Doesn't Treat Him Right

All Elite Wrestling is still in the very early stages of existence, but there are many who feel as it it will truly compete with WWE one day. Cody Rhodes has faith in his creation while believing that bringing in true talent and making things different will make them stand out. He's also ready for AEW to create one of the most talented rosters in the world and he's prepared to steal the stars who aren't being treated well.

On Thursday night, Cody appeared at Starrcast III and participated in a panel called "From Undesirable to Undeniable."

Tony Schiavone was there in Chicago as well, and the two had some really great conversation that touched on numerous topics.

Rhodes is not only one of the performers on the roster of All Elite Wrestling, but he's also the Executive Vice President of the promotion. AEW is a company that has already signed a number of big names which were said to be "taken" from WWE, and that list includes stars such as Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose).

There are others out there who are currently still employed by WWE, and Rhodes is ready for them to jump ship. Of course, they're not going to illegally speak to contracted talents, but the company will speak about them.

On Thursday night, Rhodes spoke specifically of Rey Mysterio and credited him with "making his career."

As reported by Connor Casey of Between The Ropes, Rhodes also said he wants Mysterio to be treated fairly and if he's not, AEW is ready to sign him.

It was a very interesting comment that drew some whispers and reactions from the crowd in attendance at Starrcast III.

Rey Mysterio is 44-years-old and still has a lot to offer any wrestling promotion that has him on the roster, but he seems to have been misused during this WWE run. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumor has it that Mysterio isn't overly happy with how he has been booked the last few months.

As of now, Mysterio is still under contract to WWE and reportedly will be until September of next year. He signed a two-year deal last year, and he has missed some months due to injury which could lead Vince McMahon to extend his contract for that amount of time.

Rey Mysterio prepares for his next match in WWE.

Rey Mysterio is one of the true wrestling greats and he will go down as one, but where will he end up finishing up his career? He's in WWE right now, but he would still have some years ahead of him after his current deal ends in a year or so. WWE will likely try and re-sign him, but he wants to be treated fairly and if they're not doing it, All Elite Wrestling is willing to step in.