August 30, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Brad Shares His Secret With Someone Else As Lucas Questions His Husband's Anxiety

General Hospital spoilers for the fall are starting to emerge, and it sounds as if viewers have a lot to look forward to over the next couple of months. Everybody is anxious to see the truth about Wiley really being Jonah emerge, and it seems there will be at least a little bit of progress on this front.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Brad's behavior will continue to suggest that he is hiding something big. Lucas will see how stressed his husband is, and he will be perplexed over the intensity of Brad's nervousness. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brad will do his best to cover with Lucas, but it seems he will finally admit the full truth to someone.

Obrecht knows the truth about who Wiley really is, but she has agreed to keep what she knows to herself — for now. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brad's anxiety over Obrecht having this information will drive him to spill the details to somebody who is stunned to learn that "Wiley" is really Nelle and Michael's biological son Jonah.

This person who Brad opens up to will be stunned, but ultimately becomes an ally as Brad forges forward. Who is this mystery person Brad confides in at some point this fall?

Perhaps the most obvious possibility is that Brad will tell Julian the truth. Julian already knows that Wiley is not the same baby who was originally placed for adoption. Brad told Julian that the original baby died and that a homeless woman happened to hand over her baby. So far, it doesn't seem that Julian has suspected otherwise.

Julian and Kim have been making arrangements to move to New York City together, and General Hospital spoilers share that this plan will rattle Brad. He's been very dependent on being able to talk to Julian, and it sounds as if he'll be more anxious than ever to connect with his father-in-law throughout the month of September.

As for the timing on this, it sounds as if it may play out during the week of September 9. Brad will be trying to explain something to somebody during Tuesday's episode that week, and General Hospital spoilers share that he'll get the help he needs during Thursday's show.

The buzz is that Brad and Julian will be having some discussions that week and Julian will reach out to Alexis for reason during Friday's episode. During that same show, Brad will ask Julian if he's made a decision.

Brad doesn't have many people he can go to for help, especially on this shady baby business. Julian already knows some of the key information in this situation, and he is no fan of the Corinthos clan. Will he really agree to help Brad if he learns that Wiley is actually Michael's son rather than some random unknown man's?

As anxious as fans are to see this baby swap storyline wrapped up, General Hospital spoilers appear to suggest that everybody will have to wait a while longer. At this rate, it could be that the writers will keep this going until perhaps the November sweeps period.

The good news is that General Hospital spoilers reveal that there will be some developments over the coming month with this Wiley situation and viewers will be curious to see where things head next.