August 29, 2019
'NCIS' Season 17 Spoilers: Ziva's Return Rattles Gibbs, Teasers Reveal How Much Fans Will See Of Cote de Pablo

NCIS fans were left with quite the jaw-dropping season finale last spring, and new spoilers teasing the chaos ahead for Season 17 are starting to emerge. Ziva David has turned up alive, and now, the sneak peek for the September premiere confirms that the character is truly alive and back for a handful of episodes.

Actress Cote de Pablo left NCIS after Season 11 and fans were devastated. As Latina explained some time after her exit, de Pablo chose to leave because she felt that the writers weren't taking her character of Ziva to the right place. Cote said that she loved the character, but she had come to feel as if Ziva wasn't being treated with the respect she deserved. The NCIS star said that no amount of money could make her stay.

There have been references to Ziva since Cote left and there was even a storyline in Season 13 that connected Ziva with Tony for actor Michael Weatherly's exit. However, de Pablo herself didn't return to NCIS until last spring. Even then, viewers weren't sure what would come next.

This week's NCIS spoilers regarding the Season 17 premiere are starting to emerge, and there's a juicy storyline on the way involving Ziva. TV Line shared a tantalizing sneak peek, where the whole team will be left stunned as the news of Ziva's return spreads.

In the first episode of Season 17, NCIS spoilers detail that Ziva will explain that a woman named Sahar is after her, and now Sahar is trying to kill Gibbs too. Ziva and Gibbs will be on the run as the team back at the office tries to wrap their heads around the news that Ziva's not dead as they believed.

Co-showrunner Steve Binder teased that Ziva will have some reunions with others she knew, in addition to Gibbs. There are moments in the premiere spoiler that show she'll be trying to reunite with her daughter, but it's not known yet exactly who else she'll encounter.

How much will viewers see of Ziva in Season 17? Cote is back for more than just the premiere, much to the delight of excited fans.

According to TV Guide, de Pablo is back for four episodes in total at this point. Viewers will see her in the first two episodes of the new season, and then she'll be back for two more either during the late fall or early winter.

Season 17 of NCIS premieres on Tuesday, September 24. Fans will definitely be buzzing about these developments with the character of Ziva David and the return of Cote de Pablo, and spoilers suggest that this will be an enticing storyline.