Twitter Users Slam Kendall Jenner For Styling Her Hair In Cornrow Braids

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Kendall Jenner was recently accused of cultural appropriation after sporting cornrow braids, reports People. On August 23, the model was spotted wearing the hairstyle in Los Angeles, as the 23-year-old also appeared on her sister Kylie’s Instagram Stories with the hairdo.

Critics slammed the model for the hairstyle. Numerous people on Twitter noted that African Americans are often discriminated against when they wear the style, while white women, like Kendall, are viewed as stylish and trendy.

“I’m EXHAUSTED of white people constantly appropriating black culture and wearing hairstyles that we are always ridiculed/ chastised for having and just doing it because they want to ‘look different’ or ‘stand out,’ ” commented a Twitter user. “We wear these hairstyles to PROTECT our natural hair from damages but they want to wear it because it looks cool. It shouldn’t be worn by them period.”

Others were quick to point out that Kendall has worn cornrow braids in the past.

“Yet another time that Kendall Jenner has appropriated black culture,” wrote another. “These white women no longer have to think for themselves. They just exploit and steal from black women but are the ones who are praised for it.”

In 2015, the reality television star was seen wearing the braids, soon after Kylie got into a feud with actress Amandla Stenberg about cultural appropriation, noted Refinery29. Amandla questioned Kylie’s decision to wear a hairstyle that is popular among African Americans. She noted that Kylie seemed to like African American culture but had not been an ally for those who face institutional racism. The beauty mogul dismissed the Hunger Games star’s criticism and continued to wear the braids.

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According to People, Kendall’s older sister Kim Kardashian has also faced backlash for wearing a similar hairstyle. At the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Kim was photographed with her hair in boxer braids. She also uploaded a photo of herself in the braids on Instagram, which angered fans.

At first, Kim claimed she was not bothered by the criticism and refused to apologize. However, during BeautyCon in July 2018, Kim explained that she liked to wear the braids because she wanted to show her appreciation of other cultures. She implied that her motivations for wearing the hairstyle were simply misunderstood and that she has been fascinated by beauty trends from different cultures.

The 38-year-old went on to note that her daughter, North West, 6, adores her when she wears the braids. The reality star proceeded to claim that she allows her daughter to influence her hairstyles.

Unlike Kim, Kendall has yet to respond to the accusations of cultural appropriation.