Reality Steve Reveals New Tidbits Related To Caelynn M. & Kristina S. ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Drama

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that the upcoming reunion show for Season 6 will be one of the juiciest ones ever. The cast already got together and pre-taped the show and spoiler king Reality Steve is sharing lots of buzzworthy tidbits about what went down. Now, he’s pointing fans to a podcast that adds a bit of additional context regarding one specific situation.

As The Inquisitr shared previously, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the reunion show indicate that Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman will once again butt heads. Apparently, both ladies had an interest in another guy back at Stagecoach and now, the man in the middle of this battle will reference the situation, too.

Reality Steve took to Twitter to share this additional tidbit. The situation is that Kristina reportedly went to Stagecoach with YouTube personality Mark Dohner. However, once at Stagecoach, he seemingly ditched Kristina and connected with Caelynn. Now, Reality Steve has shared a link to a recent YouTube video Mark did where he references being pulled into some Bachelor drama.

The topic came up during a Livin’ Large podcast episode of Mark’s that was initially published on August 21. Midway through the podcast, Mark was asked about the situation.

There was some bleeping out of something Mark’s podcast guest George said that caused even Mark to raise his eyebrows. It seems as if George may have used some crude language to describe what he thinks happened at Stagecoach. Mark didn’t name names, it certainly looks as if the pieces fit together with what Reality Steve says comes up between Caelynn and Kristina during the BIP reunion.

Mark joked about how he saw that Stagecoach was trending on Twitter as they were recording the podcast. He also noted that he knew it had become a major topic of discussion on Bachelor in Paradise. As fans know, that’s because during last spring’s Stagecoach festival, contestant Blake Horstmann hooked up with Kristina one night and Caelynn the next.

However, it seems that both ladies shared some frisky moments with Mark too, and again, it was Kristina first and Caelynn second. Reality Steve says that Caelynn’s time with Mark seemingly came before her hookup with Blake.

The YouTube personality said that he did hang out with one of the ladies from the show one time and another one of them another time. Both guys chuckled over the phrasing “hung out” and it was pretty clear that more happened in both scenarios than just some friendly chatter.

Mark went on to note that “things didn’t work out” with either of the gals, by his choice. He may not have been interested in an actual relationship with either Kristina or Caelynn, but the events that played out at Stagecoach are clearly still irritating Kristina.

When Reality Steve shared all of this via Twitter on Wednesday, he noted that he had already heard about this a while back and he figured it would come up at the reunion taping. Now, based on the conversation between Mark and George during the podcast, it seems as if this scoop has been floating around among certain social circles for a while.

This reunion show will air on Tuesday, September 10, and it’ll be interesting to see how much of this discussion between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman is included. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that it’s going to be a drama-filled gathering, and fans cannot wait to see it.

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