More Signs Of Donald Trump 2020 Doom And Gloom, New Poll Shows Joe Biden Leading Crucial Michigan By 10 Points

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump scored a narrow victory in the state of Michigan — by less than half of one percentage point, according to results posted by Politico — over Democrat Hillary Clinton, giving him the state’s 16 Electoral College votes. Those votes were crucial to Trump’s Electoral College win, which put him in the White House despite the fact that nearly 3 million more voters cast ballots for Clinton.

But according to a new poll released on Wednesday by EPIC/MRA and reported by WOOD TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump appears to have little chance of repeating that feat in Michigan, if current Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden earns his party’s nomination. Biden tops Trump in the head-to-head poll, winning a 51 percent majority of Michigan voters to just 41 percent for Trump.

The poll is in line with the previous EPIC/MRA poll released in June, which at that time showed Biden leading Trump by 11 points, 52-41, as reported by The Detroit Free Press.

In fact, in six Michigan polls by four different polling organizations, Biden outpaces Trump by an average of 10 points, according to Real Clear Politics.

The EPIC/MRA poll released on Wednesday also showed that 48 percent of Michigan voters would vote against Trump, regardless of who the Democrats nominated, if the election were held today. And 55 percent of voters in the state gave Trump an “unfavorable” job approval rating.

Joe Biden holds a wide lead over Donald Trump in the crucial state of Michigan, according to a new poll.

Michigan remains the home of the United States’ automobile industry, and Trump has proposed crippling tariffs on imports from Mexico that would suddenly raise the price of American-made cars and badly damage auto workers in Michigan, according to USA Today.

As The Inquisitr reported, a poll released last week also showed Biden “flipping” the traditionally Republican state of Arizona, albeit by a much narrower two-point margin. If Biden were to win Arizona, he would be the first Democrat since 1996 to take the state, and only the second since 1948.

Michigan’s 16 electorate votes plus Arizona’s 11 would still leave Biden 14 votes short of the necessary Electoral College total of 270 required to win the presidency. But Biden also appears to be well ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania, another state narrowly won by Trump in 2016 that proved essential to his victory. Though no head-to-head poll has been taken in Pennsylvania since May, Biden led Trump by 11 in that Quinnipiac University survey.

If Biden holds on in Arizona, while also winning Michigan and Pennsylvania as polling appears to show is likely, he finishes with 274 electoral votes, per That total would be enough to give Biden the presidency, even without “flipping” any other state won by Trump four years earlier.

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