Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Tease A Wedding, A Fight, Heartbreak & New Romances Shake Up Week 4

John FleenorABC

A new episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday night and spoilers suggest that this one will be jam-packed with drama from start to finish. Monday night’s show ended with Dean Unglert pulling Caelynn Miller-Keyes aside on her birthday to talk with her and teasers hint that this discussion will really shake things up. There are other surprises on the way too and some tense conversations that will have viewers buzzing.

According to ABC, the contestants will be feeling upset and emotional early on during Tuesday’s episode. It seems likely that this will be due to what’s on the way between Caelynn and Dean, as The Inquisitr detailed that he’ll throw a bombshell at her that will probably have everybody talking.

As people are recovering from the latest rose ceremony and subsequent fallout, a wedding invitation will arrive. Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson from last summer are ready to tie the knot and at least some of the current contestants will be attending the nuptials. In addition, a few of the Season 6 folks apparently will be invited to a wedding afterparty.

Unfortunately, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that there will be some negative interactions that threaten the couple’s happy day. For one thing, Clay Harbor’s ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua is one of Krystal’s bridesmaids. Clay and Angela will see one another for the first time since their split and this might be tough.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Access share that there ended up being a “dark cloud” over the wedding. Unfortunately, John Paul Jones seemingly caused quite the scene and almost ruined Chris and Krystal’s big day.

JPJ will stir things up shortly before the reception as he goes after Derek Peth. Both men are vying for Tayshia Adams’ attention, even though JPJ had gone out on dates with two other ladies as Tayshia and Derek spent time together.

Krystal says that JPJ was very aggressive in confronting Derek and that it really crossed a line. Chris even said that JPJ owes Krystal an apology for spreading such negativity on her big day and it doesn’t sound as if the current Bachelor in Paradise star has reached out to do that yet.

A sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page shows that Connor Saeli from Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette will arrive as a wedding guest and Caelynn is immediately smitten. Spoilers note that the two soon will have a date and things seem to go well, but it sounds as if that date probably will not be shown until next Monday’s episode.

A lot of familiar faces from past seasons will be popping up during Tuesday’s show for Chris and Krystal’s wedding. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that this upcoming episode may be focused on the wedding, but there is a lot of drama specific to the Season 6 contestants set to play out as well. Teasers hint that there are quite a few couples still together now post-filming and fans will be anxious to get updates during the finale.