37-Pound Cat Finds New Home [Video]

Biscuit, a 37-pound cat living at a Missouri animal shelter, found a new home this week.

The full figured feline drew national attention last week when the St. Charles Animal Control shelter shared his story. Adoption offers began pouring in for Biscuit, as the tale of his weight struggles and need for a new home touched the hearts of animal lovers across the country.

The shelter has happily announced that next week Biscuit will be transferred to the loving hands of Ed and Lisa Pyatt of Eureka, Missouri. The 37-pound fat cat will join Max, another pudgy furrball already sharing the couple’s home.

“We adopted Max from the Humane Society about five years ago, and he needs a buddy,” Ed Pyatt told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Biscuit will be a perfect friend for him.”

Recently, the 37-pound cat found himself at the shelter for a second time when his owner could no longer care for him. Treats lovingly bestowed on the kitty from his former caretaker had caused Biscuit’s weight to balloon to nearly three times the average size of an adult cat.

Although Biscuit was immediately put on a strict diet, shelter workers shared concerns that the 37-pound cat’s weight issues would make it difficult to place him in a suitable home.

News of Biscuit’s plight was picked up by media sources and his story became the subject of newspaper articles both domestically and internationally. Adoption offers poured in for the 37-pound cat with requests from potential pet owners spanning across the United States. Biscuit was even offered new homes in England, Canada, and Australia.

However, the St. Charles Animal Control shelter focused on placing Biscuit with local residents to avoid the stress that extended transportation may cause the kitty. After reviewing more than 100 possible new homes, it was decided that the Pyatts would be a perfect match for the 37-pound cat.

According to Ed Pyatt, the couple were unable to have children and instead focus their love and affection on their pets:

“Max pretty much rules the roost at our house; it’s a big house, and he has beds all over the place. We’re going to take good care of Biscuit too.”

While the 37-pound cat will require steady and constant help to slim down to a healthy weight, the shelter’s current diet routine has helped Biscuit lose two pounds so far.

The 37-pound cat will be welcomed into his new home with the Pyatts, and pudgy playmate Max, sometime next week.

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