'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5: Alicia Finally Gets Over Her Fear Of Killing Zombies

Over the past few episodes of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has been unable to kill the infected, due to a run-in with a radioactive zombie. However, the latest episode has finally helped Alicia conquer this fear.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 11 (titled "You're Still Here") of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

In recent weeks, Alicia has been hesitant to kill any of the infected due to an incident that saw her sprayed with blood from a radioactive zombie. As a result of this, she now has to come to grips with the fact that she could suffer health complications further on. Grace (Karen David), who is an expert in radioactivity and also likely to suffer health problems in the future, assured Alicia that she would be fine. However, Alicia continued to worry. As a result of this, she has also developed a fear of killing the infected.

As TV Insider points out, Alicia's hesitation came to a head in Episode 11 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. After discovering a beautifully painted tree and deciding to search out the artist, she was on the road alone with Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). While Strand was happy to step in and help Alicia out when the infected loomed, Alicia finally had to stand up to her fear.

Over the course of the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia will suffer some pretty close calls as a result of her hesitation to kill the undead. In fact, Strand is so confident that Alicia will not kill the infected that he has even taken over her weapon of choice and uses it to kill those zombies that threaten them as they hunt for the person who is leaving motivational messages on trees.

AMC | Van Redin

Alicia is determined to find out who the person is who has been painting these trees. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, by the end of the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, it is discovered that newcomer, Wes (Colby Hollman), is the person responsible. And, it is a result of her involvement with Wes and his tragic backstory, that Alicia decides that she too can bring some beauty into the world.

Painting her own inspirational message on a tree, Alicia now discovers that she has overcome her fear of killing the dead and the next episode of Fear the Walking Dead will likely see this character stepping back into her usual confident form.

Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 12, titled "Ner Tamid," on September 2.