Dennis Rodman To Broker North Korean Peace Deal With United States

NBA legend Dennis Rodman is heading back to North Korea. Now that the basketball star has become best friends with Kim Jong-un, he plans to use that friendship to broker a massive peace deal.

Rodman’s rep tells TMZ that he wants to foster new relations between North Korea’s repressive human rights violating regime and President Obama’s administration.

According the former basketball players agent, it would be Rodman’s “greatest honor” to work out a treaty and increase relationships between the two countries.

Dennis Rodman actually believes that after one meeting with Kim Jong-un that he can change his mind about the United States, a mindset that Kim Jong-un was born into through generations of familial brainwashing.

According to his rep, Rodman will return to North Korea in the next six months to hold a second kids’ basketball clinic.

While Rodman believes he can foster peace talks, he admits that calling Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung “great leaders” was a mistake. Not surprisingly, it turns out Rodman didn’t bother to understand the horrid conditions and state order deaths of citizens undertaken by one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

It might be hard for Dennis Rodman to forge an international peace deal with North Korea after he calls “take backs” on his original “great leaders” comment.

Do you think Dennis Rodman is more likely to foster a peace deal with the United States and North Korea or go missing somewhere in the country’s mountainous region.|

If we had to hedge our bets, we would give Michael Jordan the edge on world peace brokering. Then again, Dennis Rodman has always been good at carrying the defense on his back.

Do you think Dennis Rodman’s celebrity can add value to peace talks with North Korea, or is he just becoming more delusional than ever.

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