Justin Bieber Gives Anxiety Survival Advice, Shares New Furry Family News With Wife Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber may be a big star with his own advisors but the Canadian superstar still listens to his treasured grandmother. On August 25, the “Baby” singer received advice from his elder about how to help when an anxiety attack happens. In turn, he passed the same advice with his 117.8 million Instagram followers.

The information was solid, with tips regarding the concept of grounding. Or, in other words, an afflicted person should look around their immediate environment when anxiety hits.

“Find five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell and one thing you can taste.”

More than 1.6 million followers appreciated Justin’s grandmother’s advice, while many comments showing up on his upload. Some included additional advice about how to deal with anxiety.

“I use this exact method,” said one fan.

“[For] anxiety attacks… I put a cold rag on my neck my four head and my chest. Lay down for 10-20 mins. Put on your music playlist. 5 seconds in. 5 seconds out. Breathing on the way out hard pushing through your abs,” commented another follower.

Many others offered red heart emoji to show their appreciation for the advice, while others shared specific warnings.

“DON’T do this if you’re anxious from social anxiety in a public place because that often makes it worse lol,” stated one person who added that he sees all kinds of things while hearing “loud” noises.

He also admitted that he “smells beer” and makes “bad decisions” and then the commenter added three crying-laughing emoji faces for effect.

Meanwhile, Justin and his wife, Hailey, added a new addition to their growing family that has also been proven to help anyone cope with anxiety. That new addition is a cat called Sushi.

The happily married couple was immediately taken with their new feline family member, who was officially named Sushi. In fact, the pair became so enamored that the cat, who looks like a miniature leopard, already has been given a bunch of sweet — and some strange — nicknames.

Justin suggested he would call the female Sooosh Magooosh “or just Tuna,” said Justin. Meanwhile, his wife, Haily Baldwin, came up with more nickname ideas, including Tushi Buns and Soosh Soosh Magooooooosh.

In another social media share created as a Sunday morning Instagram Story upload, Justin’s curious kitten performed all kinds of tricks. She jumped and rolled around while Justin watched the small animal doing those acrobatics while lounging on his bed, according to People magazine.

Not long after this adorable baby feline was caught on camera, the kitty became a little aggressive and actually pounced onto Justin’s remote. By doing so, Sushi actually changed the channel. So funny!

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