Kelly Ripa Says Goodbye To Daughter Lola Consuelos While Lamenting Her Increasingly 'Empty Nest'

Kelly Ripa seemed to hold on to her daughter for a very long time in an Instagram snap the talk show host shared on August 25. Although, Lola Consuelos was merely headed to college in the same city in which she grew up.

Headed less than five miles from her family's Manhattan home, the New York University freshman had still literally left the nest. This meant that, in turn, the 18-year-old left the place where she grew up forlornly empty as far as her 48-year-old mom was concerned.

Kelly's followers felt sorry for her. Within one hour of her Sunday upload being shared, more than 23,000 fans liked her latest social media share while at the same time disliking the fact that the much-loved teenager was about to leave the fold.

"Bittersweet, but good luck to her!" remarked Daniel Day Kim, the Korean-American actor who is a friend of Kelly's.

Another friend, CNN's veteran anchor, Anderson Cooper, was totally upbeat about the situation. In fact, he explored a solution to his buddy's problem regarding just having one child out of her three still living at home.

"I will happily move in," the broadcast journalist said.

Besides Anderson's option, perhaps Kelly can be comforted by the fact that her eldest son, Michael, also attends New York University. That means that when she and husband, Mark Consuelos, visit NYU, the couple will be able to spend time with two of their kids during just one jaunt from their upper Eastside digs to their kids' lower Eastside college.

Kelly wasn't the only member of the family to show up by sharing her parting shot with Lola. Dad Mark Consuelas also put up the heartwarming photo on his Instagram account, stating, "2 down... 1 to go..." as his wife kissed and hugged their only daughter probably a little too tight.

Meanwhile, one of Mark's most sensitive followers wrote a lovely comment about this fond farewell.

"Gosh - this is so bittersweet. I went through this recently and I don't care how old they get how many other children you have or don't have breaks your heart at the same time trying to be proud of them. We raise them to be independent and then when they are it's like ouchie!! The only thing that gets us through is a proudness we feel that they have grown up to be good kids and do something positive with their lives. ---But in the meantime my heart goes out to you."
While this caring person offered her heart to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as their daughter, Lola, embarks on her college career, many like-minded citizens also reached out to the couple. After all, this certainly is an extremely tough "mom step," as one fan mentioned. But it is also the best way to start adulting. And besides, as the well-worn proverb states about leaving the nest, "birds gotta fly." And so it goes.