Newlyweds Killed Only Minutes After Their Wedding In Tragic Car Accident

On Friday, a young couple from Orange County, Texas got married in front of their friends and family. The bride was Rhiannon Boudreaux who was just 20-years-old. The groom was Harley Morgan, who was just 19-years-old. After the ceremony concluded, the couple was, of course, on cloud nine. They thought they were starting the rest of their lives together. What they didn’t know was that only minutes after the wedding, they would both be tragically killed in a car accident, according to Today.

At around 3:00 p.m., the couple was on U.S. Highway 87, not far from the Orange County airport. Right as they pulled onto the highway, a Ford F-250 pickup truck towing a trailer crashed into their vehicle. They died instantly. Their wedding guests, including their parents, had been driving behind them when the accident occurred. They had to watch helplessly as the accident happened.

The groom’s mother, LaShawna Morgan, is distraught over the loss of her teenage son. She recalled the absolute terror she felt when she watched the truck collide with the vehicle carrying her son and his new bride. Following the accident, she reportedly tried to get the young couple out of the vehicle to help them, but it was too late.

“My worst nightmare happened in front of my eyes. I watched my baby die. I’m still wearing my son’s blood because I tried to rip him and her out of the car. If you have kids, go home and hug them because I don’t have my kid. I don’t have the one thing in my life that made me happy.”

Tragically, the very same justice of the peace who married Morgan and Boudreaux just mere minutes earlier was the same person who ultimately had to pronounce them dead at the scene.

Morgan reportedly worked as a night baker at a local Dunkin’. When the news of his death spread, dozens of his friends and family members joined together at the doughnut joint to mourn the young man who had high hopes for the future.

The young couple were high school sweethearts that couldn’t wait to start the rest of their life together. They were planning to save up and throw a more formal wedding celebration in January with all their friends and family present.

“The only thing they wanted was to get married and start their life. The two of them had so many dreams, and they wanted their family surrounding them,” said the groom’s mother.

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