Michael Moore Freaks Out In Tweet Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Recent Cancer Scare: ‘HOLYMOTHEROFRBG!!’

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore rang the proverbial warning bell for his six million Twitter followers on Friday night after learning about recent cancer treatments undergone by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Moore’s tweet centered on Ginsburg’s health and her absence from the bench due to health reasons over the past several months. Moore, along with other fans of Ginsburg, was relieved when she was spotted at an Off-Broadway version of “Fiddler On The Roof.”

“First thought: She was seen at the Yiddish version of “Fiddler on the Roof” in NYC last week. She’s gonna be fine,” Moore wrote.

But in the next paragraph, Moore pointed out the enormity of Ginsburg facing another round of cancer — which reportedly required three weeks of radiation treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, according to NPR— and what that would mean for the political future of the country.


Given Moore’s very public political stance, the warning referred to what could happen should Ginsburg — whose health has been called into question more frequently over the past year — be forced to step down from the high court.

Should Ginsburg bow out for health reasons, it would give President Donald Trump the opportunity to appoint an unprecedented third Supreme Court Justice in his first-term as president, all but giving total control to the conservative side of the bench, potentially for decades.

Presumably, Moore’s call-to-action was aimed at energizing Democratic voters to do whatever they can to elected a Democratic candidate to the presidency in 2020, as that would be the one virtually-surefire way to prevent another conservative Justice from being appointed.

But that wouldn’t matter if Ginsburg happened to step down from her position before the 2020 election. However, fans of Ginsburg can rest somewhat easier, as the tumor on her pancreas was reportedly treated “definitively,” leaving no other signs of cancer in her body, according to Fox News.

Ginsburg, who was appointed by former president Bill Clinton in 1993, has had several brushes with cancer in the past. In 1999, she was treated for colorectal cancer and then pancreatic cancer in 2009. In December 2018, it was revealed that Ginsburg had undergone surgery for the treatment of lung cancer, which caused her first-ever illness-related absence from the bench.

President Trump sent his best wishes to the justice following news of her successful treatments, before he headed out to take part in the G-7 meeting in France.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her. We wish her well. She’s strong, she’s tough. She’s pulled through a lot,” Trump said.

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