‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha’s Illness Is Pinned Down & Cassandra Taunts Nina

Sofia Mattsson portrays Sasha on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

New General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 26 are out, and there is a lot set to go down regarding Sasha and her mystery illness. As Friday’s show wrapped up, Finn received some information that left him stunned, and now, teasers detail that a definitive diagnosis will finally be revealed.

According to the new print edition of Soap Opera Digest, it will be determined that Sasha has a powerful strain of the avian flu. General Hospital spoilers hint that Sasha’s condition may remain quite dire as Finn scrambles to treat her, while Nina will worry that her “daughter” may die.

Nina will be further rattled when she gets a text from Cassandra herself. Until now, Cassandra was the only person who knew she had crossed paths with Michael and Sasha during their vacation to Puerto Rico. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Cassandra will send Nina the photo she took with the couple during their trip and Nina will piece things together.

It will not take long for Nina to rush to tell Valentin about this and for them to fill Finn in on the details. The three will struggle as they try to decide what to do next, as Finn will want to alert the authorities and Nina and Valentin will be hesitant.

Nina and Valentin don’t want to draw any attention to why Cassandra would be after Nina, but General Hospital spoilers share that Finn will be insistent. He’ll be concerned that Cassandra could weaponize this virus and generate a pandemic.

Finn will reach out to Chase, as well as to Anna, to loop in the PCPD and the WSB. As he does that, General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will explain the truth about “Sandy” to Sasha and Michael.

Both Nina and Valentin will consider how helpful it would be to see Cassandra permanently eliminated, but that may not be an easy thing to accomplish. For those fans who have been hoping that Sasha’s illness would lead to the reveal that she’s not really Nina’s biological daughter, it’s not known yet whether that’ll be part of this storyline.


General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Finn will be shocked by these test results during Monday’s episode. This is the show when Cassandra will reach out to Nina as well.

During the show airing on Thursday, August 29, Valentin will ask Curtis to help him with a private issue, and he’ll offer up a lot of money in exchange for the help. This seems likely to be connected to Valentin’s desire to be rid of Cassandra once and for all.

Who else is in cahoots with Cassandra and who will come out on top in this battle? Will Valentin and Sasha finally be exposed as this illness progresses? General Hospital spoilers tease that this will bring some juicy twists and turns in the coming week or two, and fans are anxious to see this all implode.