AEW News: Dustin Rhodes Reveals Future Plans, Wants To Propose An Idea To Tony Khan

If you've watched any of this year's All Elite Wrestling's pay-per-views, you noticed that Dustin Rhodes is still in great in-ring shape. At Double or Nothing, the 50-year-old fought against his brother Cody in a bloody bout that received a prestigious five-star rating from Dave Meltzer. Afterward, at the Fight for the Fallen show, he teamed up with his brother to take on the Young Bucks in another impressive showing.

It's clear that the older Rhodes sibling still has plenty to offer the world of sports entertainment as a performer. According to the veteran, though, he wants to share some of his knowledge with the rising stars of the business.

Citing an interview he conducted with Vulture Hound's Steel Chair magazine, Wrestling Inc. reports that the veteran is willing to work with any current AEW talent who is willing to learn from him as the company's first weekly television show approaches.

"AEW on TNT is exciting. Glad to be along for the ride and to pass on my knowledge to the ones that want help."
During the interview, Rhodes also expressed some interest in running a wrestling school for AEW to breed new stars. The veteran wants to give back to the industry that made him a star. While he hasn't discussed the idea with Tony Khan yet, he did clarify that the conversation is on his agenda.
"I have not spoken to him about it, but I will have one, one day."
This isn't the first time that the proposition of an AEW training facility has been brought up in recent months. As documented by Wrestling Inc., the idea was floated past Cody earlier this year.

While attending a press conference, he was asked about the company opening up something similar to WWE's Performance Center. However, he revealed that, while he isn't opposed to the idea at some point, the company has other ideas in mind for developing talent.

According to Cody, AEW will probably train performers out of a gym in Atlanta, followed by sending them to development territories to gain more experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them prepare for the main roster.

Given that his brother wants to run a facility, however, perhaps Cody will be more open to cementing an official training outlet for the company. Dustin has a wealth of experience, and he's performed at the highest level for over three decades.

On top of that, he's continually reinvented his character throughout the years and remained compelling. His Goldust persona just so happens to be one of the most popular characters in wrestling history, so he'll be able to help younger wrestlers develop their gimmicks as well.