WWE News: Bray Wyatt Slams AEW Star While Commenting On His Old Gimmick

It may have been nine years since Bray Wyatt made his WWE debut under the ring name Husky Harris, but his old gimmick still gets referenced on television, thanks to Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House” segments. Earlier this week, a fan took to Twitter to bring up Wyatt’s original WWE character and got a quick reply from the Monday Night Raw star, who responded by blaming Harris’ downfall on current All Elite Wrestling star Cody Rhodes.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., the exchange in question took place on Thursday night, as the fan tagged Wyatt in a tweet that included a Husky Harris GIF. After the Twitter user asked Wyatt if he has “ever heard of this wannabe,” the 32-year-old third-generation wrestler replied a few hours later and tagged Rhodes in his tweet, blaming him for the old character’s failure.

@CodyRhodes did that.

He was his partner.

He trusted him.

He was ridiculed in front of the world, for someone else’s failed attempt at fame.

It destroyed him.

And from his ashes a butterfly was born.

But the memory remains.”

As noted in a 2017 profile from The Post and Courier, Bray Wyatt (aka Windham Rotunda in real life) is the grandson of WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan and the son of Mike Rotunda, who mostly achieved success in WWE in the 1990s as Irwin R. Schyster, a villainous tax collector. Wyatt made his WWE debut in 2010 as part of the second season of the NXT rookie search, where he was given the ring name Husky Harris and paired up with Cody Rhodes, who served as his on-screen mentor. At that time, Rhodes was in the middle of a decade-long WWE run that mostly saw him utilized in the mid-card.

Wyatt’s calling out of Rhodes via Twitter is the latest instance in which the former WWE Champion has brought up his past gimmicks or story arcs while in character. His “Firefly Fun House” segments, which see Wyatt playing the role of a children’s television show host, include several puppets that allude to his WWE past. According to Fansided, these puppets include the gluttonous “Huskus the Pig Boy,” which the publication described as a manifestation of Wyatt’s “disdain” for his original WWE gimmick and his “past physique.”

Meanwhile, it’s still unclear who Wyatt will be feuding with next in the aftermath of his victory over Finn Balor earlier this month at SummerSlam. However, his sinister alter-ego, “The Fiend,” is still wreaking havoc on Monday Night Raw in the lead-up to next month’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view. As recapped by Comic Book, Wyatt interrupted Jerry Lawler’s scheduled “King’s Court” segment on this week’s Raw, appearing as “The Fiend” and using the Mandible Claw to take out the WWE Hall of Famer.

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