Mom Catches Toddler After He Bounces Out Of Window

A mom caught her toddler by the foot after the boy was jumping on his bed and flew straight out of a second-story window.

The incident happened in Spokane, Washington this week, and, though both mom and toddler were ultimately unhurt, it did cause a few tense moments as the boy hung from a roof.

After she caught the boy, the mother was able to lower him to his grandmother who was waiting on the porch below, The Associated Press reported.

Had the mother been even a few seconds later, the story may have had a different ending. She had just gotten out of the shower when she saw the 14-month-old boy jumping on his bed. The boy tripped over a pillow and was sent careening right out of a half-open window, said police spokeswoman Monique Cotton.

The mother smashed through the window and was able to catch the toddler by one foot as his head hit a small roof that hung over the porch. As she caught the toddler, the mother was pulled out onto the porch herself and from there was able to lower him to safety.

The toddler and grandmother were both taken into a hospital to be observed, but it’s believed both will all right.

“The baby is going to be fine,” Cotton said.

The Tacoma mom may have been caught in a moment of inattention, but it’s nothing compared to what a Phoenix mother was accused of last summer. Police got reports that a baby’s car seat was sitting in the middle of a road and later caught up with the child’s 19-year-old mother.

The young mom had apparently smoked pot just before she drove off in her car, with the child still strapped to the roof.

Though the Tacoma mom was able to catch the toddler, she didn’t walk out of the situation unscathed. Just after getting the boy to safety, the woman fell off the porch and into some bushes. She went to a hospital where she was treated for cuts and a shoulder injury.

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