Laura Ingraham Compares Joe Biden Bid To Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign, Saying ‘Mr. Flip, Meet Mrs. Flop’

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham thinks that Joe Biden’s campaign for president shares a lot of similarities to Hillary Clinton’s run in 2016, and not in a good way. The controversial host says that the former vice president seems to be willing to change his beliefs in order to suit more radical voters on the left.

“Biden, like Hillary, is willing to jettison his long-held political positions to try to win over the radical elements of his party,” she said on The Ingraham Angle.

She pointed to the fact that Clinton changed her view on the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), moving from supporting it to feeling that it didn’t do enough to help the average American. She also changed her position on NAFTA between serving as secretary of state and running for president.

Biden, she says, also changed his position on TPP over the past few years.

“Mr. Flip, meet Mrs. Flop,” Ingraham said. “His ancient position of four years ago was the establishment Democrat position. It was pro-free trade and pro-globalization, no questions asked.”

Ingraham argued that both Clinton and Biden chose to change their positions in order to appeal to those she refers to as “socialists” on the left.

“Biden, like Hillary, is trying to placate the socialists in the ranks of the party — to blunt the candidacies of [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren and [Sen. Bernie] Sanders,” she said.

“Biden’s campaign is looking like a bad sequel — Hillary 2.0,” she concluded.

Ingraham has long been critical of Biden. Before the Democrat had announced that he was running for president, according to Fox News, the host wrote an opinion piece attacking Biden for allegedly touching women in an unwelcome way. The piece talked about Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores, who went public with an event that happened in 2014 with Biden that she said made her uncomfortable.

Ingraham chided the former vice president for being unwilling to stand up to what she sees as the overly political correct elements of the progressive party.

Ingraham isn’t the only one attacking Biden. Fellow Fox host Tucker Carlson on his show Tucker Carlson Tonight accused Biden of “stealing” his life details from another person, and says that the Democrat is only running on the idea of “electability,” rather than his own policies or past.

He went on to attack Biden’s past, saying that the former vice president lied about his experiences as a miner, his time in Iraq, and his track record on supporting civil rights.

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