‘X Factor’s’ Melanie Amaro Dropped From Epic Records

When Melanie Amaro won the first season of X Factor for the US, many people were wondering what would happen to Amaro, the girl, who from the beginning was a favorite to win. Now it seems as though we have that answer as Amaro has been dropped from Epic Records.

The reason for Melanie Amaro’s departure is simple, the 20-year-old failed to capture an audience past the 2011 season of X Factor. Despite all of her promise she had to offer, and the championing by music expert Simon Cowell, Amaro’s journey was short-lived and most people are only familiar with her from her Super Bowl commercial she released with Elton John after her X Factor win.

In addition, Melanie Amaro was dropped because Epic Records tried to place her on top 40 with three singles, but all three failed to gain any traction. Her most recent single “Long Distance” from her debut album “Truly” was released around December, which was followed up by a liveX Factor performance, but it still didn’t gain the attention, with the song a flip. In addition, Amaro’s debut album was supposed to be released in 2012, but the album was delayed multiple times.

So far the album has been pushed back to December 31, 2013 but it’s not known whether or not it will actually ever come out, as Amaro has been dropped from Epic Records’ artist roster. In addition to the record contract, Amaro walked away with a whopping $5 million dollars, but we’re wondering if that’s going to happen now.

Right now Epic’s top horses on their roster is Jennifer Lopez, Sean Kingston and Ciara. Hopefully for the label’s sake they focus more on Jennifer Lopez.

Epic Records

It looks like X Factor has forgotten Amaro as well even though they gave the singer a spot to perform her third and what’s assumed to be a last single. During the finale of this year’sX Factor there was a lot of build up to the next chapter in the contestants lives but not one mention of the actual winner.

Are you surprised by Epic Records decision to drop Melanie Amaro? Do you think this is a reflection of X Factor’s streak or the collapse of record labels?