Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Hayley Erin Reprising Role Of Kiki Jerome

Hayley Erin attends the 2019 TCA Winter Press Tour
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New General Hospital spoilers tease that the character of Kiki Jerome will be popping up in Port Charles again soon. Actress Hayley Erin is stepping back into the role, but it doesn’t look as if this is any kind of a back-from-the-dead shocker. Rather, it seems that Kiki’s mom Ava will finally get the chance to connect with her daughter that she has been desperate to have.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hayley will be back on General Hospital for a brief arc. Erin’s character of Kiki was killed off last year during the Ryan Chamberlain reign of terror and Ava has been desperate to connect with her daughter’s spirit to smooth over the previous rifts in their relationship.

In recent weeks, viewers have watched as Ava worked with two different psychics to try to contact Kiki. While the character hasn’t been seen, she has supposedly indicated that she has no interest in connecting with Ava. Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will manage to connect with Kiki, at least in some sense.

EW shares a couple of photos from Hayley’s return. It seems as if Kiki will pay her mother a ghostly visit, although it sounds as if perhaps this will happen in a dream of Ava’s rather than via a visit facilitated by a psychic.

In any case, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava may finally get what she’s been desperately seeking, which is a sense of closure. Fans know that Kiki and Ava were on very bad terms at the time of Kiki’s death. Not only that, but Ava was dating Kiki’s killer, thinking he was Kevin, and Ryan got rid of Kiki to try to keep Ava all to himself.

As The Inquisitr shared at the time of Hayley’s General Hospital departure, she was hoping she would get a chance to return as a ghost or something of that nature at some point. Now, it’s happening.

Erin left General Hospital to tackle a role in the Pretty Little Liars spinoff The Perfectionists. Her role on that series continues, but it looks like she was able to squeeze in this visit to Port Charles in recent weeks.

How soon is this reappearance involving Kiki happening? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed a definitive answer on this front yet, but SheKnows Soaps may provide a clue. They note that during Wednesday’s episode, Ava will have a dream that leaves her with unanswered questions.

After that, Ava will talk with Kevin, who will tell her he wants what’s best for her. General Hospital spoilers note that she will have a miserable night after that, and this is all likely about her ongoing worries about how their relationship was before Kiki’s death.

Kiki won’t be back for a long-term arc, but fans will be happy to see Ava get some closure. Scenes involving actresses Hayley Erin and Maura West are often powerful and there is little doubt that will be the case with these upcoming scenes. Additional General Hospital spoilers with more specifics should emerge soon and fans will be anxious to learn more.