Shannon Beador Opens Up About Moving Into A New House After Her Divorce From David Beador

Charles SykesBravo

Shannon Beador recently opened up about moving out of the home she shared with her former husband, David Beador, and into a new home with her three daughters, Sophie, Adeline, and Stella.

During an interview with Bravo TV’s Home & Design on August 20, the Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed she was forced to move into a new home quickly but is now finally settling down into a more permanent residence.

“I had five days to find a house after David and I separated, so it was just, like, the only one available,” she explained. “And it was OK, but I just… I didn’t feel a comfort there. It didn’t feel homey to me.”

According to Beador, the new home she’s moving into is a much better fit and her kids love it.

“I think it’s gonna be a really happy place for us,” she said.

Beador and her former husband, David, parted ways at the end of 2017, but it wasn’t until this past April when their divorce was finalized.

Following their split, David moved on from his marriage months later with girlfriend Lesley Cook, who he is still dating, and in July of this year, Beador went public on Instagram with a new romance with businessman John Janssen.

Earlier this year, as she finalized her divorce from David, Beador moved into a rental home at the beach for the summer with her three kids and throughout the past several months, they’ve been seen enjoying their time there. Beador has also been seen hanging out with her new boyfriend in the area and recently shared a video of the two of them riding bikes together on the boardwalk.

While Janssen isn’t expected to be seen on the 14th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which debuted earlier this month, he could be seen on the show if they stay together.

Typically, filming on new seasons of the Bravo TV reality series begins in the early months of each year and concludes in early summer. So, while Beador and Janssen’s romance wasn’t captured for Season 14, they could begin filming Season 15 together at the start of next year if they are still going strong at that point in time.

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