Donald Trump Says That ‘Few Work Harder’ Than Jared Kushner & Ivanka As The Couple Vacations

Donald Trump praised his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner on Tuesday, saying that “few work harder” than the couple. The Kushners, who act as senior White House Advisers, shared snaps of their family vacation over the weekend, prompting the president to write a tweet reminding citizens how hard the couple normally toils.

“Two incredible people. I can’t believe they’re not working (few work harder)!” he wrote.

The president was commenting on a picture of the couple that they posted on Ivanka’s account showing the two in a desert landscape with the sun setting behind them. The Kushners have shared multiple tweets about their vacation, which was spent camping in an undisclosed location.

Social media followers weren’t happy with the images, scolding the two for using taxpayer funds to finance their time away from their White House work.

“Another tax payer paid vacation with tax payer paid Secret Service protection,” commented one person.

Another used the opportunity to attack the president’s policies on immigration.

“Just wondering how much your ‘incredible weekend’ cost us taxpayers &how your Chinese slave laborers enjoyed their weekend &of course the families severed by your sickening father’s Zero Tolerance Policy &the children in #TrumpConcentrationCamps,” said a social media follower.

Other social media users rebuked the president, saying that most people work harder than the Kushners and stating that most of the images on the couples’ social media accounts show them in various posed photo opportunities rather than engaging in actual work.

American Oversight, a non-partisan watchdog that tracks spending by government officials, said that they were suing to understand better how the couple is using taxpayer funds.

“Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner regularly requested to fly on Air Force planes even when their presence was unnecessary or inappropriate. We’re suing to find out more,” they wrote on Twitter.

They said that the couple invited Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on trips so that they could make use of Air Force One planes, and often made requests to use the aircraft even when it wouldn’t have been necessary or appropriate for the two to use the taxpayer-funded service.

American Oversight also claims that Trump has used taxpayer funds to engage in high-cost travel. For instance, they claim the president uses chartered planes for official travel and military craft for personal use. Austin Evers, executive director of the watchdog group, says that the Trump family has repeatedly used the White House to improve their status.

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