Khloe Kardashian Makes Up Hilarious Dialogue Between True Thompson & Chicago West

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

What can be better than seeing sweet pictures of Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, True Thompson? Pictures of True relating to Chicago West, of course. The 1-year-old cousins seemed to be having a blast while hanging out together on vacation in the Bahamas with moms Khloe and Kim Kardashian.

In a series of five Instagram snaps, Khloe’s 16-month-old daughter and Kim’s 19-month-old daughter went from drinking to dining while the younger of the two Kardashian sisters made up hilarious dialogue summing up the baby’s thoughts.

She had Chicago ratting on her mommy, who was supposedly saying, “Vacation calories don’t count.”

“Don’t tell me twice Chi,” was True’s made-up response.

While sharing this serious discourse KoKo scripted for the toddlers, True and Chicago sat next to each other. True rocked a nifty leopard print swimsuit featuring a cat-like face and a pair of white, cat-eye sunglasses while Chicago wore a frilly, white lace-trimmed playsuit. Both baby girls wore their hair done up in multiple little ponytails, creating well-groomed hairdos perfect for summertime activities.

At first, the cousins sipped through straws leading to what appeared to be water. Then, they progressed to the food portion of the meal. Chicago chose Cheetos Puffs while True enjoyed Garden Veggie Straws. Each kid, having been assigned giant bags of their preferred munchie, didn’t bother with plates.

While the drinking and eating commenced, the cute pictures were enjoyed by a healthy share of Khloe’s 97.5 followers. More than 2.7 million users liked the post within about eight hours of posting, while a slew of comments added more verbal reactions.

“Chi knows what’s up. The puffs are LIFE,” stated one fan.

“This is the type of sister bonding and support we all need in our lives,” said another, adding a heart-faced emoji, a red heart emoji and a kissy-face emoji for effect.

“Baby fever overload,” commented still another enchanted follower.

“Two peas in a pod. que bellas,” remarked a fourth fan in response to Khloe’s latest social media uploads.

Earlier in the day, Khloe showed up in a single-shot social media post while carrying her darling little girl. True seemed a bit bewildered since there were pigs lying out in the sand in the snap’s background.

Her mom, whose eyes were covered by massive Gucci sunglasses, seemed to take the presence of the pigs in stride. She decided that, since it was early in the day, the funny looking mammals were “still sleeping.” Apparently, the strange little animals didn’t need blankets as they snoozed.

Still, one of Khloe’s in-the-know commenters warned True’s mom about the pigs.

“She’s smart, tell her stay away they chased me around for 10 mins.”

As such, Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson, Kim Kardashian and Chicago West may or may not get to know the pig population while visiting The Bahamas. No matter what happens on that score, these adorable relatives will likely not lack for attention — by the island group’s native animals and by the local Bahamians, too — and that’s just for starters.