Top Trump Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow Appeared To Be ‘Obviously Drunk’ During Fox News Sunday Appearance

Larry Kudlow appeared to many to be slurring his words during a bizarre appearance on Fox News, sparking speculation on Twitter that the top economic adviser to Donald Trump may have been drunk.

Kudlow was appearing on Fox News Sunday with guest host Dana Perino to defend the Trump administration’s handling of the economy and put off speculation that the economy could be headed to a recession under Trump. But as Raw Story pointed out, most people were talking about Kudlow’s strange appearance during the interview, which many believed was the effect of a few too many drinks.

“Speculation was rampant on Sunday that White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow was drunk on Fox News,” the report noted, adding in its headline that Kudlow appeared to be “obviously drunk.”

Many people had taken to Twitter to share their reactions to Kudlow’s appearance, with some questioning whether he had fallen off the wagon. As Raw Story noted, some commenters noted the reports of a cocaine addiction for Kudlow in the 1990s.

Business Insider noted that Kudlow was fired from Bear Stearns in the mid-90s, a time when he reportedly struggled with cocaine abuse. The past substance abuse issues came up as Kudlow was being considered for a top cabinet spot in the Trump administration, though he appeared to have the support of then-chief of staff John Kelly.

As the Business Insider report noted, Kelly joked in off-the-record comments that the 1990s were a “crazy time” and seemed to excuse Kudlow’s history of cocaine addiction.

This is not the first time that Twitter has speculated that a top surrogate for Donald Trump may have showed up drunk to an interview. Trump lawyer and chief television defender Rudy Giuliani frequently drew interest for his bizarre appearances while talking about the Russia investigation.

That came to a head back in January when Donald Trump himself reportedly grew weary of Giuliani’s unpredictable television appearances. As CNBC reported, Trump grew agitated when Giuliani made a series of misstatements while defending the president, and also made an admission that Trump was in negotiations with Russia for a Trump Tower in Moscow for months longer that Trump initially claimed, stretching all the way to the 2016 presidential election.

Rudy Giuliani has since appeared to fall out of favor, no longer making regular television appearances to defend Donald Trump. Larry Kudlow continues to face backlash for his Sunday interview where many believed he appeared to be drunk, though there is no word on whether Donald Trump has any thoughts on the appearance.

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