Google ‘Shopping Express’ To Rival Amazon Prime, Offer Same-Day Delivery

Google Shopping

A new program being called Google Shopping Express aims to take on Amazon Prime’s shipping service by offering expedited shipping from major retailers throughout the United States.

According to a TechCrunch report, the Google Shopping Express system will cost just $69 or $64 per year, about $10 to $15 less than Amazon Prime, and will offer same day deliver from major retailers. Named as potential partners are Wal-Mart, Target, and Safeway among others.

While Google’s system is cheaper, Amazon Prime also provides movie and TV video streaming to customers at no additional charge. Plus, customers can do all of their shopping in one place instead of through dozens of or even hundreds of retailers.

Google is not confirming the report at this time, noting that there is “nothing to announce” while admitting that Google is always looking to improve its retail services and its shopping partners.

The new service if made available could tie in nicely to Google Shopping and Google Wallet, both of which have been successful vehicles for Google. Using Google Wallet customers already purchase apps, buy movies, and pony up cash for their favorite books.

The 2013 holiday season is expected to see double digit sales growth which could explain why Google would be so eager to launch Google Shopping Express.

The new Google platform would likely be helped along by its recent acquisition of Channel Intelligence, a system that provides data management for online purchases. Google also picked up BufferBox, a system that allows business to drop off packages at specific locations where customers can pick up their goods at a later time.

The report suggests that e-commerce product manager Tom Fallows is leading the Google Shopping Experience team.

Testing is believed to be underway in-house but no official plans for a release or details about how the system would operate have been revealed.

Would you use the Google Shopping Express platform for your shopping needs?