August 18, 2019
Mama June Shannon Is Reportedly On The Brink Of Losing Her Reality TV Career For Good

It appears that Mama June Shannon is spinning out of control. Despite others trying to help her, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star supposedly would rather party it up with boyfriend Geno Doak than to get her life together for herself, her family, or her TV career.

A new report coming from TMZ alleged that Mama June is in quite a bad state and is about ready to lose the TV career that she has built for herself. That also means the money will stop flowing in. According to the entertainment site, the WeTV producers of Mama June: From Not To Hot are desperately trying to talk the star into seeking help for her drug addiction. For now, season 4 of the reality show is up in the air.

Despite the pleas for her to get the help she needs, which includes rehab, Mama June Shannon has refused to go. She appears to be happy with the state that she is currently in. As for her show, that is supposedly not happening until she gets her act together. Her present state of mind is reportedly too dangerous, even for reality television. Both Mama June and Geno were arrested back in March for possession of crack cocaine. They are currently awaiting trial but in the meantime, they are finding creative ways of making money.

As The Inquisitr had previously reported, the couple had been caught selling pretty much everything in their home in Georgia. The house was cleared out of big items, so the couple was seen in a video doing their best to sell some of the smaller stuff, such as a massage chair and other items that would bring them even a little bit of money.

As TMZ pointed out, Mama June has lost pretty much everything. The only thing she has left is Geno and no one seems to be happy about that. Her downfall into drugs and reports of domestic abuse has been in the forefront ever since she met and moved in with her boyfriend.

Honey Boo Boo is now living with her sister, Pumpkin, and is said to be safe and relatively happy for now. Her mother doesn't appear to be willing to get help in order to save her career or to salvage her relationship with her daughters.

Mama June is allegedly in a downward spiral. If she loses her main source of income from her TV show, who knows where her life will lead after that? She still has a chance to get help with the show's producers still caring about what happens to her, but reports suggest she doesn't seem willing to turn her life around anytime soon.