Cannibal Cop Case Goes To Jury

The cannibal cop case will soon go to the jury as closing arguments are set to begin on Thursday. Gilberto Valle is accused of plotting to kidnap, kill, and eat his wife and several other women.

Valle, age 28, was arrested last year when his wife discovered chat logs and e-mail on his computer and turned them over to the FBI. He has been charged with “kidnapping conspiracy” as authorities believe his fantasy fetish was close to becoming a reality.

As reported by USA Today, Valle allegedly used a “restricted law enforcement database” to obtain information about potential victims. Valle reportedly joined a website, created by Sergey Merenkov, that catered to sexual fantasies involving asphyxiation, cannibalism, necrophilia, and other non-traditional fetishes.

Members of the website reportedly participate in role play, sometimes elaborate, that involves physical harm in a sexual context. Around 4,500 active users, both men and women, utilize the website to role play their sexual fantasies.

Kathleen Mangan-Valle became suspicious when her started spending less time with her and more time on the computer. Mangen-Valle wanted to find out what was distracting her husband, so she checked the computer. She was stunned to discover her husband had an unusual fetish.

Upon discovering the content, Mangen-Valle felt threatened and left the home. The FBI shared her concern and Valle was arrested and charged with conspiracy to kidnap. The media eventually nicknamed the former NYPD officer “the cannibal cop.”

As reported by Reuters, prosecutors have presented their case which included testimony from the creator of and the evidence turned over to the state by Valle’s wife.

The defense concluded their case Tuesday, choosing to eliminate several planned witnesses. Valle did not take the stand.

The case of the man called the cannibal cop is likely to be in the hands of the jury by the end of the week as closing arguments will begin on Thursday.

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