‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Is Shell-Shocked As Jason Explains Helena’s Mind Control Games

It’s a good thing that Franco was arrested last week on General Hospital or he would have bolted out of Port Charles for good. After he assaulted Detective Chase at The Floating Rib on Friday, he is now sitting in a jail cell where Jason Morgan is expected to try talking to him again. This time it appears that it will be a calmer conversation between the two men.

The memory mapping scenario is a bit confusing, and Franco, or Drew Cain as he currently goes by, is trying his best to wrap his head around what is happening. Thanks to a new General Hospital preview for Monday’s episode that was posted by ABC, viewers can see a clip of Jason paying a visit with Franco at the PCPD. Franco doesn’t quite understand the “memory experiment gone wrong,” as he calls it. He asks Jason why there was a flash drive of Drew’s memories and Jason tries his best to explain.

Jason will mention Helena Cassadine, who is the one that started it all when she wanted to train him to be her personal assassin. He explained that the mind control technology didn’t work on him because of his brain injury, so they went looking for someone else. That someone was his twin brother, Drew Cain. They grabbed him from Afghanistan and used it on him.

That’s when Franco will tell Jason that he remembers. Not the part about being taken, but being in Afghanistan. That was the time when he was with Shiloh. The Dawn of Day leader used the flash drive on Franco so he could obtain the information he so desperately seeks from Drew’s past.

As The Inquisitr had previously revealed, there will be some major flashbacks coming up on Monday’s General Hospital that will see Helena Cassadine on screen once again. She will be seen with Shiloh, then known as Hank, and they will have some sort of connection.

Will Franco be the one who has the flashback? Shiloh was seen in the previews for Monday as well, so there is a good chance that he will be the one who remembers his previous interaction with Port Charles’ most famous villain.

Will Franco eventually shed some light into Drew’s lost past? How will Franco ever get his own memories of his current life with Liz and the boys back? Those questions will eventually be answered, sooner or later, so stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this all plays out.

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