‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena Cassadine Returns To Reveal A Shiloh-Related Bombshell

New General Hospital spoilers reveal a very juicy tidbit about some Cassadine chaos that will be hitting Port Charles soon. Fans have been speculating that it may soon be revealed that Nikolas is still alive and ready to shake things up, but it seems there’s an even bigger Cassadine-related surprise on the way.

Viewers will see Helena Cassadine again very soon, and she will be connected to Shiloh of all people. Granted, it doesn’t appear that Helena is being brought back from the dead. Nikolas orchestrated her death back in November 2016, and she apparently remains dead.

However, TV Line reveals bombshell General Hospital spoilers indicating that next week, viewers will see Helena and Shiloh together in a flashback scene. The site shares a photo from actress Constance Towers’ return, and this scene is set to air on Monday, August 19.

The scene involves another flashback to the time when Shiloh, then going by the name Hank, and Drew were in Afghanistan. While Shiloh had tried to play it off that the two men were good friends and quite tight during that time, viewers have since learned that wasn’t the case at all.

Now, General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will soon discover that there was a relationship of some nature between Hank and Helena. It’s not known who is having this flashback or what will be revealed during the stunning interaction, but this will surely generate an extra layer of drama in this complicated situation.

As The Inquisitr has shared, General Hospital spoilers indicate that the memory transfer will prove to have been successful, and Franco will now have Drew’s memories. Shiloh wants details hidden within those memories, but it seems like it’ll be a significant challenge for him to get anywhere near Franco at this point in order to get the information he wants.

Now, Shiloh’s former misdeeds in Afghanistan will seemingly have a tie to the Cassadines. How did he get involved with Helena, and how does that impact what’s happening in Port Charles right now? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything more yet, but this suggests that the next couple of weeks are going to be especially wild ones.

Other General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode from SheKnows Soaps detail that Jason will visit Franco, and Elizabeth will get a visit from Curtis and Drew. Will Franco be having this flashback via Drew’s memories or will Shiloh be shown revisiting this memory as he sits behind bars?

This storyline has already taken some pretty convoluted twists and turns, especially with Shiloh first kidnapping Cameron and now transferring the memories to Franco. How does Helena Cassadine fit into all of this, and will viewers buy into this latest twist? General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to get pretty intense, and everybody will be curious to see how this all fits together.

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