August 17, 2019
'Outlander' Adds Cute Toddler Twins To The Cast

Now that fans of Outlander are in the midst of a deep "droughtlander," casting news is about the only thing to add a bit of Scottish sparkle to the day.

While recent casting news has involved adults and even a cat, the latest is twin 3-year-old boys, who are named Matthew and Andrew, according to Oprah Magazine. But while fans of the Diana Gabaldon novels know that there are twins in the future, the likelihood is that the boys won't be playing twins due to their age, but rather sharing a role (much like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did in Full House back in the day). The Scotland-based toddlers would be able to double the time that children are allowed on set at a particular age.

But who will the cute blond boys play in the latest season of Outlander? The best guesses are that the two will play Jemmy, the son of Brianna and Roger (Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin) or Germain, the son of Fergus and Marsali (they do share the blond hair with Marsali).

The father of the twins, Scott Adair, posted a "proud daddy moment" on Twitter, and the boys have been welcomed by fans.

A fan posted some advice for the boys to get along in the world of Outlander.
"Welcome boys to the Outlander madness, don't pull the cat's tail, no riding on Rollo the wolf dog, stay out of Grandma Claire's medicine cupboard and no you can't bring home snakes."
According to César Domboy, who plays Fergus, Fergus and Marsali will finally join Jamie, Claire, and the rest of the family on Fraser's Ridge in Season 5 of Outlander, which makes it all the more likely that the new little twin cast members will appear as little Germain.

Series star Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, shares that there is so much to cover for Season 5 that they are struggling to fit it in, says The Inquisitr.

He explains that for now, Scotland is doubling for Fraser's Ridge in North Carolina, which is providing additional challenges.

"I think the sheer size of what we're dealing with now and the sheer numbers of cast and of locations, as well, is a challenge. We're still shooting in Scotland for America, so that's a challenge, too."
While there is not a date yet for Season 5, producers say that it is now expected in 2020 instead of in the fall of 2019.