Former WWE Star CM Punk Involved In Fight With Fan While On Commentary At MMA Event

CM Punk hasn’t actually wrestled in a long time, and there is a good chance that he’ll never step foot in a wrestling ring again. He left WWE years ago and there have been rumors of him joining All Elite Wrestling, but nothing definite. Punk is now a commentator for MMA matches and isn’t fighting at this time, but on Friday evening, he almost ended up getting into a brawl with a fan as an altercation did take place.

While the wrestling fans of the world would love to see CM Punk wrestle again one day, there’s no true way of knowing if it will happen. The Inquisitr recently reported that WWE allegedly has no interest in bringing back Punk, but again, anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling.

For now, Punk is doing commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Champions (CFFC) and he was at the announce table for CFFC 77 on Friday night. He is not currently an active MMA fighter after losing his first two fights in UFC, but things almost escalated to that point during the event.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that a very vocal fan began running off at the mouth during the fight between Danny Holmes and Christopher Daukaus. The fan was going after the former WWE Champion, and things almost turned really ugly.

Right after the fight, Punk can be heard on commentary saying, “Bro, you need to back the f**k up! You need to get the…” and things went silent there. In the video posted by “Smoke TBD” on YouTube, you can hear Punk’s headset being taken off of him at that point.

For those watching the video, please be warned that there is some strong language in it.

As soon as Punk went silent, his partner on commentary took over and addressed the situation to let the fans at home know what was going on.

“Well, minor situation developing here. There was a gentleman that was right on the back of my broadcast partner here, and looks like he’s potentially being escorted out of the building.”

CM Punk was then shown on camera speaking with different officials as the fan was surrounded by security. As soon as he returned to the announce table, Punk talked to his broadcast partner.

“I’m sitting here with a headset and doing my f**king job, and he did exactly what you’re doing right now…he screams bull s**t in my face.”

The CFFC 77 event continued, and all went on as planned with CM Punk on commentary and calling the other fights. There hasn’t yet been on update on what happened with the fan after he was addressed by security, but all seemed well with Punk.

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