August 16, 2019
Jane Fonda Breaks Silence On Brother Peter Fonda's Death: 'He Went Out Laughing'

Jane Fonda is reflecting on her brother's life after his tragic passing.

Early this morning, Peter Fonda lost his battle with lung cancer and went peacefully while surrounded by family. Shortly after the news of his death spread, Jane opened up to People about her brother's life, legacy, and how he spent the final days of his life. In a statement to the outlet, the actress tells fans that while she is incredibly sad about her little brother's death, she is coping.

"I am very sad," Jane said in the statement. "He was my sweet-hearted baby brother, the talker of the family. I have had beautiful alone time with him these last days. He went out laughing."

Peter and Jane both faced a tough childhood together as they grew up with an estranged father and a mother who had a lot of other issues. When Jane was just 12-years-old and Peter 10-years-old, their mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw, committed suicide. Initially, they were told that their mother suffered a heart attack and died, but the real reason why she died was later revealed to the famous siblings.

The brother-sister duo both made names for themselves in Hollywood with Peter earning his big break on 1969's Easy Rider, where he played the role of Wyatt. Jane appeared in her first film, Tall Story, in 1960 where she played the role of June Ryder. Peter is survived by his son, Justin Fonda, and his daughter, Bridget Fonda, who also followed in her father's footsteps in Hollywood, becoming an actress.

According to IMDB, Bridget Fonda received a lot of award nods for her work in film including Golden Globe nominations for her roles in Scandal and After Amy. Justin Fonda worked in the film industry, but in more behind-the-scenes roles. Earlier today, The Inquisitr shared that the legendary actor died from respiratory failure stemming from lung cancer. Fonda's family released a statement to inform the public of his passing.

"It is with deep sorrow that we share the news that Peter Fonda has passed away," the statement read. "[Peter] passed away peacefully on Friday morning, August 16 at 11:05 a.m. at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by family. The official cause of death was respiratory failure due to lung cancer."

Peter never officially announced to fans that he was diagnosed with lung cancer, but according to sources close to the actor, he had been in and out of the hospital quite a bit in recent weeks. Since his death, fans and other celebrities have been flooding the internet with tributes to the late actor, and he will certainly be missed by all.